Gus collared… for his own good

Trixie examines Gus’s new gadget while Gus sits very still.
Gus collar

Gus has a sore on his back leg.  He’s been licking on it for the last few days, so I took him to the vet today.  The vet couldn’t find anything stuck in his foot but said that it was a little swollen and inflamed.  She suspects an insect bite  or a scrape and Gus constantly licking on it is hindering it’s healing.  Gus got some medication and this nifty funnel collar.  He is SO GOOD with letting you examine him and putting this on, but he’s frozen with it on.  He doesn’t move. Poor thing.  I’m going to try it with it off and see if he tries to mess with his bandage much.  At first he was trying to lick at the bandage, but he hasn’t really tried to get it off.