Jamie’s last day…

…Being pregnant that is.  This is my niece, Jamie, who’s going to have a C-Section at 6 pm tonight.  She is shown here with the cutest little girl in the world, Brianna, the very soon to be big sister.

Last day pregnant

We all got together last night at Dave & Buster for my wife’s birthday (which is today).  Today will also be the unnamed baby’s birthday too.  They can’t decide on a name for her (it’s supposed to be a girl).

I suggested Jonita, but they didn’t fall for that.  I also suggested Chuckie when I saw the sonogram of the baby (below).  You can’t tell me this doesn’t look like Chuckie.

Chuckie scan

 Chuckie doesn’t sound like a girl’s name though.  Chuckina?  Chuckella?  Charlie?

 If ‘she’ pops out with a penis then Chuckie would fit.  I’m stickin’ with Chuckie!

On a side note:  My sister-in-law wrote on her Facebook page:

Eet granddaughter

Aren’t typos great?

Ten things you don’t want to know about the BABBQ

10. Everything on the grill has a long, thin tail.

9. To avoid burning, chicken breasts are covered in Coppertone.

8. The “cole slaw” is just mayonnaise and lawn trimmings.

7. The three-legged race is won by a three-legged guy.

6. Every couple minutes, the cook drops his pants and flips himself with the spatula.

5. Host tells you the burgers are 20% beef and 80% critter.

4. The steaks have been sitting in marinade sauce all night, and so has your Uncle DJ.

3. You have to sign a legal waiver before you eat the potato salad.

2. Things seem tense between your guest hosts, Frank and Kathie Lee.

1. The guests all have grill marks on their foreheads.