Warning: Dogs At Play

Wanna play?
Trixie is always ready and willing to play.  She likes attention and is a very sweet dog.

Dogs on bed
Trixie and Gus like to get on the bed and play –  especially at bed time.

Tug of war
This is the last known photo of the stuffed Milkbone.  Shortly after this photo was taken the Milkbone’s guts were all over the place.  It had to be put down.

J-Walking in St. Louis

Who’s had more beers?
It looks like J-Walk has, but I don’t think he drove off the road when leaving Ken’s house, but let’s not talk about that.

The Midwest Mini Blog Summit took place in St. Louis when I met up with John Walkenbach, mastermind behind J-Walk & Associates, the J-Walk Blog and the Spreadsheet Page, not to mention author of countless Excel books, a few of which I own.  We shared trade secrets and the world’s best mustard and a beer or two or ten.

More pictures after the break….

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