Which red line is longer?

Red line perception

Red line perception2While reading about why the moon seems larger on the horizon than it does when it’s up in the sky I ran across this illusion.  Based on the tiles along the wall it appears that the red vertical line on the right is 4 or 5 times longer than the one on the left.  In reality, they’re almost the same size.  ——>

 Some say the moon looks larger because it is closer to the earth when it’s on the horizon.  But this is untrue, it’s actually farther away as this crude drawing shows.


The guy at the top of the Earth in the diagram sees the Moon on his horizon, and the guy on the side of the Earth sees it overhead. But you can tell the distances aren’t the same: the Moon is closer to the guy who sees it as overhead (by an amount roughly equal to the Earth’s radius). That’s no illusion! That’s science, baby.

It’s all in how your mind perceives the sky.

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15 Jobs you never knew existed

Odor testerHere are just a few:

Odor Tester  Think your job stinks? Try being an odor tester. These employees test the efficacy of deodorants and antiperspirants by sniffing subjects’ armpits. Thanks to all of their nosing around, we’re spared the results of faulty products.

Vomit Cleaner  An unfortunate side effect of a stomach-Vomit cleanerchurning roller coaster ride is losing your lunch. And it happens so often that some theme parks employ cleaners specifically designated to mop up puke. You’d think it would turn the workers off the rides, but Rhys Owen, a vomit collector at Thorpe Park, a theme park in England, says, “I absolutely love roller coasters and the perk of being able to ride them for free makes [the job] worth it.”


Stanley cupStanley Cup Keeper  Unlike other sports trophies, there’s only one Stanley Cup. Each year’s winning team and its players are engraved on it, but due to the trophy’s high value, it must be chaperoned at all times while it’s away from its permanent home, The Hockey Hall of Fame. So, a “Keeper of the Cup” is employed to accompany the trophy during its travels and make sure it doesn’t get into any trouble.

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