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Burglar nabbed by face tattoo

Lip tattooA suspected burglar in the US had incriminating evidence written all over his face – distinct tattoos that left him easily spotted.

It would not take a super-sleuth to find 20-year-old Anthony Brandon Gonzales in a crowd.

He has been arrested on suspicion of burgling the home of an Elvis impersonator in Colorado’s Pueblo County.

A witness had told police one of the culprits had “East Side” emblazoned on his upper lip.

Gonzales – hardly a criminal mastermind – also has “13” tattooed on his chin in the shape of a goatee beard.

Both pieces of body art are said to have been visible – even though the hapless burglar had donned a mask.

Already in jail on a separate drug offence, Gonzales has now been charged over the burglary.

Sgt Eric Bravo said: “It’s hard to miss him.”

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