Woman nabbed for auto erotic crime

Auto erotic crimeA Cincinnati woman was simultaneously masturbating with a sex toy and watching a pornographic video while driving last week, according to cops who arrested her on assorted criminal charges.

Colondra Hamilton, 36, was pulled over last Tuesday evening in a traffic stop triggered when cops noticed she was driving a 2008 Pontiac with overly tinted windows.

That’s when officers noticed that Hamilton’s pants were unbuttoned. And she had a vibrator in her lap. Questioned by cops, Hamilton admitted to engaging in auto erotic manipulation, and revealed that she had also been watching a porno movie that was playing on the laptop of a friend in the passenger seat, according to an Elmwood Place Police Department report.

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Trixie is fixed and back home

Trixie woozyTrixie is back home and a little woozy.  Her eyes are glassy and she’s walking around like she is drunk. 

Everything went OK at the vet.  She also has a slight ear infection so we got medicine for that.

I carried her in from the car and up stairs where my office is.  I blocked off the area where she can go –  office, bedroom and bathroom.   Of course she tried unsuccessfully to jump up on the bed.  She’s just so used to jumping everywhere around here. 

She needs to take it easy for a few days which is going to be hard for her.  I just hope she leaves her incision alone so she doesn’t have to wear a cone.