Expedition Titanic

TitanicExpedition Titanic is an incredible free website that lets you explore and watch Titanic wreckage footage entirely through your web browser. You are virtually taken deep into the sea and the site of the wreckage is loaded up.

You can see a scale diagram of the wreckage. You can view the distances from the main ship to where its stern section and other parts are located. Photos and videos are also available in the virtual explorer, along with informative details on the wreckage that covers important topics such as bio-deterioration, plant and animal life, etc.

Excellent resource if you have any interest at all in the Titanic.


Waterpark just for dogs

Waterpark for dogsSUN VALLEY CA — The nation’s first water park, exclusively for dogs, has opened in Sun Valley.

Paradise Ranch Pet Resort located in La Tuna Canyon opened the “Bora Bora Club” Tuesday for man’s best friend.

Dogs can dive off a dock, frolick under a cascading waterfall and play beneath water geysers.

The four legged guests can also take surfboard and boogie board lessons and jump off diving boards.

“People love it as much as the dogs. They love knowing that when they’re on vacation that their dog is having a good time, too,” according to Krystin Goddard, owner of Paradise Pet Resort.

Some famous celebrities, including Nicole Richie, Rihanna, and Shaquille O’Neal, have already checked their pooches into the pet paradise.


Thanks Janet

Gus and Trixie are packing their bags.