Friday Firesmith – November

Back during the Summer, we paved on the hottest day of the year, with the Heat Index being sued in copyright court by Satan. Somewhere in the middle of the afternoon, I drank my last bottle of water, but luckily my supervisor showed up with a cooler. I took a long cold shower after I … Read more

Friday Firesmith – Bring Down Trees

I have a chainsaw. Cody has a tractor with various attachments, and Brian has a need for money. Doug is there, too, and Doug mostly wants some dead pine trees in his sister’s yard down in a reasonable fashion so they won’t come crashing down on Sis’s well or shed, or even her house. I’m … Read more

Friday Firesmith – Moms

One of the weird things about working construction is you run into the same people over and over. There’s a guy on the dirt crew I’ve worked with, off and on, since 1995, I’ve known him from three different companies, and he’s like a fixture of some sort. He was once a superintendent, in charge … Read more

Friday Firesmith – An Ax To Paint

Rarely do I ever get a call from a contractor of a previous project, unless we’re going to work together soon, and the guys I worked with in Fargo ought not be in the state for a very long time. Someone in their front office thought it was a good idea to invade south Georgia … Read more

Friday Firesmith – Cranes

When I started in the Transportation Construction business in 1992, crane operators were small-time gods. They were one of the few men who could sit at the controls of a machine all day, if they chose to, and not work like the other guys who could run other machines. Anyone could run a backhoe, an … Read more

Friday Firesmith – Machete Time

Back a while, Keith suggested I try a Fiskar’s Machete, and quite frankly, I have no interest in machetes. However, very rarely does anyone suggest a brush-clearing tool unless they’ve actually used one. Moreover, Keith had a narrative as to where and how he used said tool, so I was intrigued. It’s a forty buck … Read more