Happy Weeekend!

Since 2018, Mustafa has been spreading good cheer through these videos in which he inevitably leaps out of a (very slow) moving car to dance, with his hype man/cameraman/driver cheering him on. This one is a particularly excellent introduction to the music of Kirk Franklin.



Weekend Open Mic

Weather: We had a hot and very wet week which ends today (Saturday) as a cold front brings in cooler and dryer weather for the coming week.

The week: I cleaned up a lot of small and a few large branches this past week.  I was sore from doing that but I think the exercise was good for my back. Not much planned for the coming week, but since it’s supposed to be pretty nice I may try to find a project.

TV: We’re watching Money Heist (Netflix) 7.5/10.  It’s a Spanish series that was dubbed into English and the subtitles barely match the dialog. There are four sections or seasons and we’re into the second season.
I found out that Allen Funt’s What Do You Say To A Naked Lady an adult version of Candid Camera is available on Amazon Prime.  I want to watch that as I recall liking it when it first came out in 1970.

Websites:  I made a few small changes to the websites including updating the donate button on B&P.  Thanks to those who took my hint about trying out the button to make sure it works.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?