Las Vegas 2020 POSTPONED!

Update:  Due to the outbreak of coronavirus we’ve postponed the B&P Returns to Las Vegas event planned for the first weekend in April 2020.  We hope to reschedule when things get back to normal.

This page is dedicated to the Bits &  Pieces Returns to Las Vegas gathering the first weekend of April 2020.

We can keep all the conversations here in one place rather than scatered all about B&P.

Back in 2012 we all gathered one evening at the Imperial Palace (now The Linq)  and sat around and talked for most of the evening.  Then many of us met again the next night at the Freemont Street Experience downtown.  Some of us went to see a Cirque du Soleil show on another night.

People will have different tastes (and budgets) in the variety of entertainment choices available.  We might want to get together two or three times and still have our separate times to explore things individually. We’re definitely open to suggestions.

We’ll need to get an idea on how many people are thinking about going.  So if you’re thinking about joining us please let us know in a comment and share any ideas you might have.

30 thoughts on “Las Vegas 2020 POSTPONED!”

  1. if March is the month then I’ll be able to go. I’ll have the little one and she will be close to a year, so there won’t be too much I can join in on, but I’ll be there.

  2. I promise, I promise, I won’t talk about Trump. Or Trudeau or any politics! It would be super fantastic to see you all. <3 Take it back a decade where we all used to joke and have fun with each other. I'm in for that!! I still Love You all.

  3. Can I bring my Naughty Bits there too, and is it what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Inquiring minds want to know, lol.

  4. I am really sorry to upset any plans anyone had for March but it was working out at 900eur each no matter what dates I picked. Around St Patricks day in March a lot of people plan trips so prices go up? I hope to meet some of you in Vegas?

  5. The first weekend of April 2020 (Friday, April 3 – Sunday, April 5) will be the main dates for the B&P Returns to Las Vegas. I think I’ll be arriving a day or two ahead and will probably stay a day or two or three afterward.

    I’d suggest meeting somewhere Friday afternoon or evening and then we can plan another gathering or two ahead of time or just wait and make decisions there for future gatherings. What do you all think?

    Let us know if you think you can join us in Sin City!

  6. Ill plan on it, hopefully the weather will be nice to ride the bike down from the Pacific Northwest.

    Personally would have preferred STL, as I’m more in Chicago than the PacNW but oh well – I wasn’t asked. 🙂

  7. I just made our reservations. We’ll be in Las Vegas from April 1st through April 7th. We’ll be staying at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino on the Strip.

  8. Ok, I just booked it. I’ve never been to Vegas and I ain’t gettin any younger.
    I arrive Thu 4/02 in the evening, leave for home Tue 4/07 in the evening.

  9. We will be in the city from 4/01 to 4/04 staying at the Flamingo. Since we don’t get into the city often we’ll be taking care of a few errands on 4/02 & 4/03 in the morning.


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