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Man Survives Mile-Long Ride Through Poop Chute

Sewer Man Hole_fullA construction worker from western Missouri is recovering today after he was flushed through more than a mile of sewer pipe yesterday morning.

Daniel Collins was working on the sewage system in the town of Raymore, outside Kansas City, when his safety line became unhooked and he was swept away by waste water flowing through the sewer.

As the Associated Press reports, Collins was pushed through more than a mile of 27-inch-wide sewer pipe for nearly 90 minutes. Workers checking manholes along the sewer line finally heard his calls for help around 10 a.m.

Collins was in and out of consciousness when rescued. He’s now being treated for hypothermia and given antibiotics to ward off infection from swallowing who-knows-how-much sewage water. Somebody get this man some Listerine, a medal and a less shitty occupation. Pronto.