Fast and Furious

The hubs had finished watching The Witcher on Netflix and was looking for another series type thing to start. He decided on watching The Fast and the Furious. Which got us on the conversation of just how many of these things have they made? The answer is ten. It’s called a decology when there are a ‘set of ten works that are connected, that can be seen as a single work or ten individual works’. Fast X (the 10th) was released earlier this year.

There are several movie franchises that have more than ten. Without looking it up – How many others can you name?

Wong Fei-hung has 123 in its series. Never heard of it.

We also got to talking about Paul Walker who died at age 40 in a speeding car crash after one of his charity events. He was filming Furious 7 at the time, and his brother, Cody, filled in for some of the final shots of the movie.  

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