My Dog Ate What?

Spoon xrayStarting tonight, Tuesday, May 4 at 10pm ET/PT, Nat Geo Wild reveals some of the most amazing and shocking things ingested by dogs, from underwear (thong preferred) to pacifiers (27 in total) and money (all $800 of it)!

Anaheim, CA: The x-ray of the spoon Bogie, a two-year-old Saint Bernard with epilepsy, ingested. One day when Bogie was taking his epilepsy medicine , he ingested the spoon the medicine was on.  Dr. Kathleen Johnson at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital in Anaheim, California performed surgery on Bogie at a cost of $2000.

Dover, PA USA: The $800 that Joe Pa ate. Dr. Kate Brammer at Animal Emergency and Referral Center in York, Pennsylvania induced vomiting to get the money back at a cost of $130.

My Dog Ate What?  Tuesday nights on National Geographic Wild.