DJT Arrested – B&P Statement

As you know – here at Bits & Pieces Headquarters – we don’t get too involved with politics.. probably even less so than when Jonco ran the show – which was not very much or often.

But history has been made recently with Trump’s arrest. So as any good blogger would do.. I’m turning this into an opportunity to make a statement, and peddle my wares – or in this case “wears”.

My statement goes like this – They’re all crooks. Some more so than others, of course. And some maybe had the initial intention to ‘make a difference’ – and/or ‘doing the right thing’ – but were turned astray by any number of reasons.

I know that when I vote, I’m picking the one who mostly aligns with my personal beliefs, but ultimately I’m picking the best of the worst.

So, this is the shirt I’ll be wearing to the polls… And maybe you should too – BUY IT HERE! Available in 6 different colors, up to 5X. And there’s a hoodie option too!

-with love,