How about a nice long walk?

The longest road in the world to walk, is from Cape Town (South Africa) to Magadan (Russia). No need for planes or boats, there are bridges. It’s a 22,387 kilometers (13911 miles) and it takes 4,492 hours to travel. It would be 187 days walking nonstop, or 561 days walking 8 hours a day. Along the route, you pass through 17 countries, six time zones and all seasons of the year.

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Ashes to Vegas – Happy B-day Jonco

This post is in honor of Dad’s birthday today, he’d have been 75.

Earlier this year, Patco took all 4 grandkids to Las Vegas. Jonco had built up airline miles that needed using. Las Vegas was his favorite destination. So each grand invited their plus one and Patco took one of her Pat friends (she has multiple Pat friends), and off to the ‘city that never sleeps’ they went!

The grands and Pat left a little bit of Jonco around town.

They stayed at the Luxor Hotel
A little bit of Jonco there…

Path to happiness

I’m not a swimmer. I don’t fish on the regular. My skin goes past tanning straight to a sunburn. I’m not a fan of being sandy, sticky, and sweaty… but the other day I had a thought remembering our trip to Dauphin Island, Alabama last year and my heart made a pang. I’ve decided my favorite place to be is on a balcony, with my coffee, listening to the ocean. Just writing about it now – gets me emotional. I gotta plan another vacation! -krisgo

Where does your path to happiness lead to?


B&P – Little Ass Breakfast

B&P’er DJ says:

Had breakfast this morning with B&Per Anthony Nichols, known on B&P as ALN. 
He’s from Idaho, visiting Dearborn MI with his fam, and drove down to NE Ohio to meet up with me. We haven’t seen each other since the BABBQ in STL 13 yrs ago. 
Had a nice meal, then drove up to Huntington Reservation of Cleveland Metroparks on Lake Erie. Mucho haze drifting over the Great Lakes this morning from the Canadian wildfires.
Anthony then was able to spend the day dawdling his way back to the Detroit area along the lakeshore.
Another example of the neighborhood feeling that Jonco enabled with Bits & Pieces to still continue. A nice legacy.

Thanks for sharing this, DJ – love to see it!!!