Eclipse 2024 – The Path of Totality

Parts of the US will be seeing full darkness on Monday 4/8. The path of totality is about 2 hours away from home. Makes a good excuse to take a Monday off from work! We were able to pick up eclipse glasses from our local library for $1 each. What will YOU be doing during the eclipse?

Search Eclipse 2024 for a quick cute graphic.

Visit NASA’s page for more info.

Thanks Shirley

Product Placement

Christmas Shopping Anyone?? B&P will be selecting some items to feature from time to time and as Amazon Associates we earn from qualifying purchases.

So I saw this robotic jar opener and thought – it’s about damn time someone came up with this!!!

CLICK HERE for more info or to buy the jar opener.
Watch the cute video too – it’s so corny with the little old lady and the muscle guy trying to open jars. haha!!! But seriously – this is a really good idea – and a good option for an older adult that you have trouble finding gifts for.

Then there’s this American Tourister Rolling Luggage. If you’re in the market for a new piece – here ya go. There’s a color for everyone – I’m partial to the Rose Gold or the Lavender Maze, but this Palm Tree design is calling me to come back to the beach! Thanks for looking! Now back to your regularly scheduled program 😉

These are the voyages of Lindsay…

Found on fb: “I needed new passport photos done, but when I got to Walgreens, I was wearing a tank top and had no idea that you’re apparently supposed to cover your shoulders. Luckily I had a sweatshirt in my bag. Well, this was the one I had on hand, and this is what’s gonna get immortalized on my super official ID for the next 5 years 😂🖖🏻


How about a nice long walk?

The longest road in the world to walk, is from Cape Town (South Africa) to Magadan (Russia). No need for planes or boats, there are bridges. It’s a 22,387 kilometers (13911 miles) and it takes 4,492 hours to travel. It would be 187 days walking nonstop, or 561 days walking 8 hours a day. Along the route, you pass through 17 countries, six time zones and all seasons of the year.

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Ashes to Vegas – Happy B-day Jonco

This post is in honor of Dad’s birthday today, he’d have been 75.

Earlier this year, Patco took all 4 grandkids to Las Vegas. Jonco had built up airline miles that needed using. Las Vegas was his favorite destination. So each grand invited their plus one and Patco took one of her Pat friends (she has multiple Pat friends), and off to the ‘city that never sleeps’ they went!

The grands and Pat left a little bit of Jonco around town.

They stayed at the Luxor Hotel
A little bit of Jonco there…