Technology troubles

I feel like there’s a point in aging where new technology is just ignored. I’m not there yet, but I also don’t feel the need to update to every new technology that comes out. So I’m kind of in the middle. Where are you? -krisgo

Thanks DJ

Celebration Speakers

My Dad’s brother, Paul, lives about 4 hours away. The day of the celebration was cold and the roads were getting icy.. but Paul and his wife started the journey early in the AM.

They ended up turning around to head back home about half way, because the roads were getting just too dangerous.

Luckily, the guys figured out how to have Paul still be ‘there’ for Dad’s celebration via Zoom.

If you watched the video, you’ll see a few technical difficulties – and you better believe it – people said – Where’s Jon when you need him!??!

Paul did a great job, he’s a pro at public speaking.. and he captured Dad with a heartfelt tribute. We could really feel the brotherly love that they shared. I especially loved hearing about how it was Dad’s idea to secretly pay for a young family’s meal when the two of them had gone out for dinner. Kinda’ makes my heart sing to think about it.

Dad’s friend Dave also spoke. Dad and Dave had been friends for decades, and together they MC’d many parties and gatherings. They spent hours together coming up with funny skits, jokes, and humorous awards to give away. I remember one time they dressed as women for a skit and Dad’s name for the skit was Jonita. I specifically remember Dad and Dave laughing and needing ‘liquid courage’ to get all dolled up and perform as women.

Mom also spoke a few words.. and said that we’ve got some big shoes to fill. I lifted up a pair of Dad’s size 14 shoes to prove it. My brother, Dave, also did a great job with introducing everyone and dealing with the technical stuff before-hand.

Also – thanks to Logan and Vince’s buddy, Taco for technical help too 🙂 What a job!