Sunday Mid-Missouri Ride

Mid mo rideOur ride yesterday took us through the area south of St. Louis MO.  We rode about 180 miles through, Jefferson County, St. Louis County, Iron County, and St. Fancois County.  We traveled almost exclusively two-lane roads.  Missouri does have some nice scenic by-ways.  Especially scenic on this trip were highways FF and MM and W.  There was one other road, but I can’t remember what it was.

We stopped and ate at The Family Steakhouse in Potosi MO: Sunday buffet for $7.95 Food wasn’t bad, but there were no beets on the salad bar.  (That’s how I define a salad bar.  A good salad bar has beets).  🙂

The temp was in the low to mid 90’s and it wasn’t bad  as long as you were moving.  If you stopped it got hot quick. 

Showers were forecast for the afternoon, but we didn’t experience any.  Our riding buddies from Wentzville MO weren’t so lucky,  They were five miles from home when they got soaked.  The storms were short and they got home wet but OK.

Honoring our servicemen at the ballpark

Flags busch

The ushers in the right-field bleachers have this thing where they place American flags in the flower garden on top of the right-field wall (In front of the bleachers) to honor those who have served the United States and who are now serving the country in the armed forces.  The same usher places the flags before each game and removes them after the game until the Cardinals lose.  As long as the Cardinals win the game, that same usher will place the flags at the next game.  When the Cardinals lose then another usher has the honor of placing the flags the following game and will continue until the team loses again.

Here are a couple more pictures I took today.

Flowers busch

Cy Young award winning pitcher Chris Carpenter warming up before Sunday’s 6–0 win over the Cincinnati Reds.  Carpenter is 4–0 on the season.  The first place Cardinals have a record of 17 wins and 8 losses so far this season.