City Museum – St. Louis MO

This drone video takes you on a tour of the City Museum, which was opened in St. Louis, MO in October of 1997.

The museum was created by the artist Bob Cassilly. Cassilly converted a 10-story, 600,000 square foot warehouse that previously housed a shoe company into the magical twisting and turning world you see in the video, with the goal of creating a “city within a city.”

Working with a group of artists that included welders, painters, and sculptors, Cassilly built the museum over several years, starting in 1993 and finally opening it in 1997.

Over that entire time the group—which became known as the Cassilly Crew—worked in secret, which meant that when the museum finally opened it was the first time anyone had seen what they’d been building for all those years.


Thanks, DJ

55 years ago today…

Fifty-five years ago today, August 21, 1966, the Beatles landed at Lambert Field in St. Louis MO for their first and only concert at Busch Stadium.

I had purchased two tickets for that concert and my girlfriend (now wife) and I had our first official date that evening. I couldn’t afford the “fancy seats” so we had to sit way out there in the upper deck in the pouring rain.

There were no fancy stage shows or video boards to see the performers up close. No fancy lighting or big stages. We did have a pair of binoculars but mostly just watched these tiny legends in the making from afar while getting drenched.

My tickets…

The Beatles played 11 songs in their approximately 30-minute appearance before they were whisked away from the stadium. The only thing I remember of the other acts was The Cyrkle singing Red Rubber Ball.