Eclipse 2024 – The Path of Totality

Parts of the US will be seeing full darkness on Monday 4/8. The path of totality is about 2 hours away from home. Makes a good excuse to take a Monday off from work! We were able to pick up eclipse glasses from our local library for $1 each. What will YOU be doing during the eclipse?

Search Eclipse 2024 for a quick cute graphic.

Visit NASA’s page for more info.

Thanks Shirley

Gateway Arch’s light

The Gateway Arch Facebook page posted: Whether you are flying high in the sky or see the Gateway Arch shining in the night, you can’t miss the bright red beacon atop the monument, but do you know the man behind the light? Allow us to introduce you to Silas Garrett, the African American United States Army Engineer who petitioned the City of St. Louis to add a light. Garrett, a former pilot, knew the importance of having a guiding light at the top of the Gateway Arch, given the height and shape. Not only did he petition for the light he also built the light. After the installation, he would return more than 25 times for updates, upgrades, and routine maintenance.


Lone Elk Park

We took a weekend drive through Lone Elk Park. This small herd of bison were hanging out right up along the road. We did see several elk, but they were too far away for pics.

In my opinion if, wild animals are going to be ‘kept’ – I’d 100% rather see them with acres and acres of land like this, than at a typical zoo. But that’s just me. How about you? Seen any unusual beasts lately?