Brown Recluse in my brewer

This little nefarious guy was floating in my coffee maker’s reservoir tank this morning.

I didn’t have my glasses on and thought it was a piece of plastic and swiped it up the side with my finger.

Very surprised to then see the ‘plastic’ wiggling. I didn’t get bitten, but I sure could have.

We’ve seen several other brown recluse spiders in and around the house, and we’ve put glue traps all over. This is the worst year, that I can recall for them. -krisgo

What creatures are you all dealing with?

B&P Family Fun

Recently 4 generations got together; pictured L-R Back are Jonco’s Brother Paul, Baby Oscar, Daddy Vince, Grandpa Dave, and G. G. Pat in front. Oscar’s got some growing to do if he’s also going to be over 6 foot tall like his male relatives!

Beware of Bear!

This black bear has been traveling south in our area the past few days. It was first spotted in Chesterfield MO, then in St. Louis County and now Jefferson County. So it’s heading south.

He evidently made it ok on the highway because he was sighted the next day in my neighborhood. pic via facebook

There is plenty of wooded area for him to hide out, we just hope he keeps on moving out of the STL area!


Eclipse 2024 – The Path of Totality

Parts of the US will be seeing full darkness on Monday 4/8. The path of totality is about 2 hours away from home. Makes a good excuse to take a Monday off from work! We were able to pick up eclipse glasses from our local library for $1 each. What will YOU be doing during the eclipse?

Search Eclipse 2024 for a quick cute graphic.

Visit NASA’s page for more info.

Thanks Shirley