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Paul Harris, who happened to be the best radio broadcaster in the St. Louis area IMHO before he retired does a daily (weekday) trivia contest consisting of just five questions.  He used to do it on his daily radio show and I played won the radio contest a couple of times over the years.  See the instructions below.

Welcome to the Harris Challenge. Every day you get a new category, containing five trivia questions. Question 1 is worth 1 point, Question 2 is worth 2 points, and so on. Get 8 or more points to reveal a bonus category! There are new Harris Challenge categories every weekday. Good luck!

Play the Harris Challenge


Old Goat Quiz

Great mental exercise for people over 50.  Which of the following names are you familiar with?

1. Monica Lewinsky
2. Hillary Clinton
3. Benito Mussolini
4. Adolf Hitler
5. Jorge Bergoglio
6. Al Capone
7. Vladimir Putin
8. Linda Lovelace
9. Saddam Hussein
10. Tiger Woods

You had trouble with #5, didn’t you?

So, you know all the liars, criminals, adulterers, murderers, thieves, sluts and cheaters, but you don’t know the Pope??

Lovely, just lovely…

sometimes I worry about you.

Thanks, Diane