It got me.

Covid-19 finally caught me.

Stats: I’m fully vaccinated. Took 3 tests; 2 positive, 1 negative. My doctors office said to quarantine until end of Day 5 and that my first positive test day was considered Day 0.

Symptoms: Woke up in the middle of the ‘Night 0’ feeling headache-y and like I should take something for that. Spouse happened to be up and gave me a hug, said I was ‘HOT’ (not the good kind of hot, though) 😛


Update: I quarantined and then back to work I went. Today was my first day back – and it was a doozy/very busy/lots to catch up on. My brain is still a bit foggy, but otherwise I’m ok. Still have a headache – but that’s normal for me, and especially at the beginning of Spring.

During quarantine; I did some blogging, finished a jigsaw puzzle (minus 1 piece – that’s another story), finished looking at the whole internet twice, watched way too much reality TV, did some continuing education, and napped. So, it wasn’t too bad or too boring – I’m by no means complaining at all – I know I got lucky by getting whatever newer variant this was, rather than the original one.

In other news – I had set up ‘Friday Firesmith’ to post at 2am this morning.. but had it in ‘draft’ mode and didn’t realize it (I blame brain fog). But it’s now posted – CLICK HERE – if you missed it. Or you could just scroll down 😉

Anyway – stay safe out there guys.


What do you do with ‘cremains’?

The majority of Dad’s ashes will be buried beneath this brick. A new brick will be made with his name, of course. And I guess this brick will go to a new location.

And when that day comes – we’ll gather and pour probably a little (or a lot) of alcohol under that brick with his remains.

Side note: Who thought of the word ‘cremains’? Just genius.

We did keep a small portion of ashes that were divvied up in these small vials for the grandkids and a couple of Mom and Dad’s closest friends.

Finally, we had 3 glass orbs made; for Mom, me and my brother. You can see the lines of teeny tiny white-ish specks there – those are his ashes. I picked up an LED light stand that changes colors. It’s definitely something he would’ve done. 🙂

Currently my orb is sitting beneath my TV, so Dad gets to watch Netflix with us.

Checking in on Buster

Buster has been doing ok since his papa passed. He get’s to hear Dad’s voice twice a day still. When the automatic dog feeder activates in the morning and afternoon, Dad’s voice says “C’mon Buster, Time to Eat – C’mon Buster, Time to Eat”.

Buster knows that when he hears the clock chime that he needs to run to his bowl and wait for the magic words.

Waiting for the clock chime.. so he knows when to run in and listen for his cue.

Gettin’ ready for a snooze

Watching for that pesky squirrel to show his dang face again.

A nice tribute to Jonco

This is by one of Dad’s best friend’s sons, Derek. He provided several, especially musical, content bits that Dad shared here on the site.

In true B&P fashion we must say: All opinions expressed are those of Derek himself.

B&P does not endorse any opinions expressed, except those that mention about how neat Jonco was. 😉

Click HERE for the article and podcast link and feel free to skip to 19:45 for the Jonco parts.

Thanks Derek 🙂


A generous gift from Jonco

In between the time that Dad was hurt and died, we made the decision to donate whatever organs could be salvaged. This was an easy decision, as Dad had previously said that he’d donate whatever he could, because he wouldn’t be needing them. (ha ha!)

Due to some circumstances as his age and such, they weren’t able to use Dad’s larger organs; but planned to take tissue and eyes.

Well, Mom recently got a nice letter from the transplant company. Here is a snip of the good stuff:

We encourage all of you who would also chose to donate your organs and/or tissue to make that fact known to your family.

Just say ‘Hey – this may be awkward, but my friend Jonco’s organs helped out multiple people after he died.. and I’d like to do that too – so if anything were to happen to me, I want you to know that now.’

If you live in the US, You can sign up to be an organ donor HERE.

Celebration Speakers

My Dad’s brother, Paul, lives about 4 hours away. The day of the celebration was cold and the roads were getting icy.. but Paul and his wife started the journey early in the AM.

They ended up turning around to head back home about half way, because the roads were getting just too dangerous.

Luckily, the guys figured out how to have Paul still be ‘there’ for Dad’s celebration via Zoom.

If you watched the video, you’ll see a few technical difficulties – and you better believe it – people said – Where’s Jon when you need him!??!

Paul did a great job, he’s a pro at public speaking.. and he captured Dad with a heartfelt tribute. We could really feel the brotherly love that they shared. I especially loved hearing about how it was Dad’s idea to secretly pay for a young family’s meal when the two of them had gone out for dinner. Kinda’ makes my heart sing to think about it.

Dad’s friend Dave also spoke. Dad and Dave had been friends for decades, and together they MC’d many parties and gatherings. They spent hours together coming up with funny skits, jokes, and humorous awards to give away. I remember one time they dressed as women for a skit and Dad’s name for the skit was Jonita. I specifically remember Dad and Dave laughing and needing ‘liquid courage’ to get all dolled up and perform as women.

Mom also spoke a few words.. and said that we’ve got some big shoes to fill. I lifted up a pair of Dad’s size 14 shoes to prove it. My brother, Dave, also did a great job with introducing everyone and dealing with the technical stuff before-hand.

Also – thanks to Logan and Vince’s buddy, Taco for technical help too 🙂 What a job!

More Celebration Pics

Dad had several groups that he considered family; one was his Bits and Pieces family – of course! He dedicated hours upon hours to ‘scour the web’ so you didn’t have to. He joked about how it was his job – but he truly loved doing it.

One Bits and Pieces reader said Dad ‘was larger than life’ and I’ve been thinking about that for a while now. I think it’s not that HE was larger than life.. it’s that he was so excited and interested by life.. by people and the things they do.. excited by the things he saw – that he felt compelled to share what he found. He wanted you, the readers, to be excited by the things he found too.

And you did. Some of you followed him for years and years, checking in each and every day to see what else he had found to entertain both himself and you.

He hosted the Big Ass BBQ where several of you came to gather here in St. Louis over 10 years ago. He met several of you along the way on various trips, even if it was just for a quick lunch during the drive to another destination. He absolutely LOVED that. Thank YOU for that… for giving my dad the gift of your friendship.

The farthest traveling people who came to the celebration were from Ohio and Georgia – and of course they were B’NP’ers. <3

Photos and Songs

If you were able to watch the recording of the celebration – you’ll have seen the photo montages made by my brother, Dave.

Dad was known for making those types of videos. Especially for the club’s Christmas parties.

He would chose a song, and try to fit in pics that went with the theme. I specifically remember introducing him to the country song “My Kind of Bar” so that he could match up pics to the lyrics, and change it to ‘My Kind of Club’.

If there were lots of pics that didn’t really go with a theme – he ALWAYS (it seemed like) used the song “Classical Gas“.

Speaking of songs – at the celebration, Dave played the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

While I was searching B&P for a certain post – I came across THIS ONE. Where he says that he’d be OK if this were played at his funeral. So I suggested it to Dave and that’s what we did. It wasn’t really a song that made me think of Dad previously – but now, I suppose it will going forward… Which is ok by me.

Finally, this post would not be complete without the mention of Elvis. Dad was a big Elvis fan, and Suspicious Minds always makes me think of him. Two other favorites are I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You and Jailhouse Rock. Really any Elvis song will always bring Dad to mind! 🙂

I’m sure you guys have certain songs that remind you of someone (here or passed), or of some time/event in your life. Please share in the comments.

While the majority of photos were shared in the photo/music montages – here are some that were actually on display. As well as old family photo albums that were set out on the tables.

Dad was an amateur photographer and we have literally thousands of photos – so it was a BIG job to go through them. I picked out the 25 that we used in the formal obituary for the cremation site, and I left the rest of that job to my brother. He was able to make a couple of videos in time for the celebration – which was a big undertaking, and it’s very appreciated.