Jonco’s Journal – Vol. 11

Photos were Dad’s thing. I wrote in his obituary that he was a photographer – and he was. Not by trade – just by passion.

I specifically remember us all getting autographs of Jack and Joe Buck and a few other St. Louis dignitaries and Cardinal ball players.

This was his oldest best friend Mickey that he writes about HERE. I don’t think I had read that whole post until today. Mick was a cute, funny man – like a fun uncle. Good memories 🙂

Wrestling must have never stuck with or been a real interest to Dad – I don’t recall him EVER watching it!


Introducing, my Etsy shop DeepFriedBits. I’ve been creating some fancy-schmancy AI designs, as well as using my graphic design background to create some cute and funny designs to sell on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and notebooks.

I hope you will check it out, and maybe even ‘follow’ the shop (just by clicking the heart) or ‘favorite’ a design that you like.

I’d appreciate any feedback, or suggestions of new designs. Thanks! -krisgo

Ashes to Vegas – Happy B-day Jonco

This post is in honor of Dad’s birthday today, he’d have been 75.

Earlier this year, Patco took all 4 grandkids to Las Vegas. Jonco had built up airline miles that needed using. Las Vegas was his favorite destination. So each grand invited their plus one and Patco took one of her Pat friends (she has multiple Pat friends), and off to the ‘city that never sleeps’ they went!

The grands and Pat left a little bit of Jonco around town.

They stayed at the Luxor Hotel
A little bit of Jonco there…

Cleverly painted rock

I’ve been following a rock painting group on fb.. and this is my favorite so far. The idea is to paint a rock and leave it in a public place for another to find. A random treasure.

Some parks or other places, especially where kids would go, have a starter rock that is a snake or caterpillar head, and people add on their panted rocks to make the body – a challenge to see how long it will grow to.

As much as I like the snarky humor you’ve seen me post, this is my other side – enjoying cute little things that make me happy.


Have you ever found a regular rock that you’ve kept for no other reason than that you liked it? (1 point)

Have you ever found a rock that you thought someone else would like and gifted it to them? (5 points)

Have you ever found a small painted rock? (10 points)

Have you ever painted a small rock and left it as treasure to be found? (20 points)

Do you like rock and roll? (5 points)

Do you think it’s weird to like rocks? (-10 points)

Post your total in the comments!


Happy Father’s Day 2023

Hope all you Dads and Grandfathers, and any other people who play a fatherly role in a kid’s life is having a fantastic day today.

I’m missing my dad today. It’s gotten easier, which makes me feel a little ashamed to admit. But as they say, time heals all wounds. I still think of him often and it’s usually all the good stuff.

There is one thing, I realized that I’m thankful for (please don’t come at me – I’m being totally transparent and honest here).. is that I don’t have to try to buy a gift for him. He was SOOOO hard to shop for! He always bought everything he needed. He always bought the new gadgets, and toys, and games, and fun things before any of us knew those things existed!

Which makes me also realize that what he truly wanted from anyone was time spent together. Spending time with dad was always a positive in my life – gives me a happy heart to think of it.

I hope all of you out there are getting what you truly want or need today (and every day). If you’re not – do whatever it’s going to take, to get to that place.

Have a happy heart! – krisgo

Jonco and Gus