Story time

My friend Amanda, posted this on fb.. it’s a cute story.

This is yesterday’s story as told by John: So here is the Story….Elle (14) is cooking dinner and has many appliances going so it trips the breaker. She calls me up on my way home from work and I walk her though the process. When I get home she tells me she can’t go back in the basement because she has seen things she cannot un-see. I ask what did you see. She exclaims a dead mouse and starts gaging. I’m like ok I will check it out walk to the basement to find this….which looks vaguely like a mouse but after about a second you see it is a leaf. I was laughing so hard.

Today’s story: John says “Amanda that orange form the misfits box is the worst orange I have ever eaten.” Me – “oh no really”. I said “did you throw it away” “No it’s over there on the counter”. I go to the counter and John says “don’t say I did not warn you” – one look I see that it is a grapefruit. So clearly the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Thanks for the laugh Amanda