Oklahoma farm used in film Twister devastated by real tornado

TwisterA farm where scenes from the 1996 movie “Twister” were shot was hit last week by a real tornado.

J. Berry Harrison Sr. lost a horse, two houses, five barns, two silos and miscellaneous farm and irrigation equipment in the storm, but his family was not hurt, he said Saturday.

“We built all this in 50 years and it blew away in 15 minutes. It was quite a wind,” he said.

Harrison’s son and wife, their son and a niece were in one of the homes when the tornado hit. He said the house lost its roof, but the walls stayed intact.

During the filming of a scene in “Twister,” film crews tracked actors along a road and taking shelter beneath a bridge as a tornado passed over. The track of the fictitious tornado in the film and the real one that hit Monday appeared eerily familiar, Harrison said.

“The path of the tornado came exactly the same way that they made it in the movie,” he said.

The two silos destroyed in the storm were also pictured in the film, as was the tractor left on the bridge in the movie. The tractor wasn’t damaged.

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Bits and Pieces – The movie

Julie C. writes:
A long long time ago, I was searching on the web for the quilt shop:  Bits and Pieces – but I’d found your website instead  (http://bitsandpieces1.blogspot.com/ – and it’s still there!)  And I’ve read it and its new incarnation(s) since then.

The other day, you posted a cute dog video of  a dog dancing for bits; so, for the heck of it, I google searched for any video called Bits and Pieces.  (Oddly enough, I finally found the quiltshop, and the video of the Dave Clark Five singing) – but also a film short I thought you’d like::

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