This mom is a Swiftie

I’ve been to 2 live Taylor Swift concerts and just got back from seeing Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour at the local movie theatre. My constant companion to these is my oldest, Renly. Both concerts we scored free tickets – this time I bought our tickets. $25 each. Concessions were $31. Today’s show was 2 hours and 49 minutes. And that was after, of course, a really (honestly) ridiculous amount of commercials and trailers.

They (the theatre) encouraged us to sing, dance, use our phones and take selfies during the movie, and treat it as we were at the concert. We went to a noon showing, on the second weekend of the release and just less than half the screening room was filled. Several of us were singing along, and there was one little girl in a glittery dress that was dancing behind us. But we stayed seated and just enjoyed the show.

The show covered Taylor’s many ‘eras’ – her different albums. She puts on a really entertaining show – lots of costume changes, lots of dancing, lots of stage props, lots of moving parts. She really commands a room, but still has likeable-ness. The music was JUST as I expected it to be – and you could feel the booming bass in the seats – I’m pretty sure that’s an added effect our theatre has now. (As well as reclining and heated seats.)

Being in a small theatre – was (obviously) not the same as being in an arena – but we also, didn’t have to fight the crowds or figure out parking, or be too concerned about our safety.

So yeah, A+. Loved it. 10/10 recommend – ONLY IF you already are a T. Swift fan.


Also here’s an interesting Buzzfeed article about behind the scenes facts. Interesting!


90’s TV/Movies Fan Theory – It’s gotta be true!


Recasting Star Wars

This guy is really good!!


Fast and Furious

The hubs had finished watching The Witcher on Netflix and was looking for another series type thing to start. He decided on watching The Fast and the Furious. Which got us on the conversation of just how many of these things have they made? The answer is ten. It’s called a decology when there are a ‘set of ten works that are connected, that can be seen as a single work or ten individual works’. Fast X (the 10th) was released earlier this year.

There are several movie franchises that have more than ten. Without looking it up – How many others can you name?

Wong Fei-hung has 123 in its series. Never heard of it.

We also got to talking about Paul Walker who died at age 40 in a speeding car crash after one of his charity events. He was filming Furious 7 at the time, and his brother, Cody, filled in for some of the final shots of the movie.  

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