Jonco’s Journal – Vol. 14

Dad was very interested in death itself. I remember he had a book about what (medically) happens to your body as you die. I know he would’ve been really interested in seeing what we saw watching him pass.

Having said that – I’m sorry to you readers – for bringing anyone down. But death is what it is. It’s a part of life. The last part, but still a part.

Mitch Hunter – Face Transplant Recipient

I follow this guy on socials, and have for a while. He’s got a good sense of humor – despite being through some really shitty challenges, medically and personally. Mitch is trying once again to re-invent his life by putting himself out there. You can follow him on all the socials – specifically TikTok – where he’s been most active lately. -krisgo

Mitch Hunter underwent life-changing full-face transplant surgery — only the second person in the US to receive it — 10 years later, which transformed his physical appearance.


Who’s cutting onions around here?!?!?!?!

Also – why is this a thing?! This shouldn’t happen to good girls.