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The Federal Budget – A Primer

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Harry and Meghan’s new Canadian estate

How Nipplegate Created YouTube

The 10 best cities in the U.S. to move to

Something new from another galaxy far far away

‘Reaper of Death’ tyrannosaur discovered in Canada

Google ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and click on the red slippers

Remembering Satchel Paige, Maybe The Best Pitcher To Ever Live

Most of the World’s Bread Clips Are Made by a Single Company

Why Chateau Marmont Valets Are “Unsung Heroes” of Hollywood

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Whale Facts

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Spider Battle Ends Quick

Two-Sentence Horror Stories

The Chinese hospital built in 10 days
     Photos from the hospital build
     Time-lapse of the build

Life Inside Tesla’s Production Hell

How to measure things like a Canadian

10 Most Checked-Out Books of All Time

The Best All-You-Can-Eat Buffet in Every State

How to add Emergency Contacts to your phone

Chinese man uses first-class air ticket to eat free meals

George Washington’s First State of the Union Address

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It’s Back!!!

Pig Cuddlers Wanted

How to Read Faster

A Frank-ly Kind Act

Wendy Williams on Fartgate

7 Crazy-But-True Aquarium Stories

How to pick the right light bulb

Churchill and his Top-Secret Funeral

The economics of all-you-can-eat buffets

What historical figures would look like today

DNA Identifies Headless Corpse as 1916 Axe Murderer

NASA captures month sof disasters in one global animation.

People are selling iguana meat dubbed ‘chicken of the trees’

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Special Effects In Old Movies

Magic Hands (FB)

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Why Does Tylenol Kill Snakes?

15 Excel Formulas To Solve Real Life Problems

5 Most Secretive Military Bases in the World

Mark Wahlberg And Dr. Oz’s Food Feud

How To Keep Your Phone Safe From Hackers

Mummy’s the word for voice from 3,000-year-old grave

The Average Human Body Temperature Is No Longer 98.6 F

A fan-created archive of 380,000 “Jeopardy!” clues

The color of a chicken’s earlobes will be the color of their eggs

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What is Intermittent Fasting?

Bizarre Fight Over Frozen Head ⇒  

Rat hunting with the dogs of war

CA House Cat Fights Off 3 Coyotes

Spotify wants to make a playlist for your pet

Life Hacks To Get You Through Winter

Galentine’s Day: From fiction to reality

Most Bed Bug-Infested Cities in the U.S.

When a Psychic Reading Costs You $740,000…

Ask Akexa,”Where was the crow laid to rest?”

US drinking more now than just before Prohibition

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When 24 hours isn’t 24 hours…

Population Center of US  ⇒  

11 Facts About Blazing Saddles

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Cooter Candle

The Monumental Molasses Flood of 1919

STL couple together for 65 years died on same day

Harry & Meghan treated differently than Kate & William by the press

12 Unnecessary Windows Programs and Apps You Should Uninstall

Olympic athletes in 2020 will be sleeping on cardboard boxes

Before 2020 Is Over, SpaceX Will Offer Satellite Broadband Internet

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The Greatest Thing Since 1928

Chainsaw Powered Ski Thing  ⇒  

It’s Art Because Someone Says It Is

Meanwhile, at a Russian Barbershop…

Why You Should Sleep On Your Left Side

Leonardo DiCaprio is no Rose from “Titanic.”

Canned Emails – A minimal site with prewritten emails

Parrot trapped on roof keeps telling fire crew to “f**k off”

100 Fun and Interesting Facts About Practically Everything

A Decade of Urban Transformation , Seen From Above

12 Things That Are About to Get Way More Expensive

Cheer causes young female athletes more catastrophic injuries than any other sport