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Alberta Canada is rat-free

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Remarkable Trees Throughout The World

Watch,1980s television (and other decades)

Spectacular light shows via coordinated drones

Mice vicariously experiencing defeat get depressed

US Air Force accidentally dropped ATOMIC BOMB on South Carolina family’s backyard

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nspiroBot (weird)

5 Gallon Bucket Hacks

Fall Foliage Prediction Map

Black inside and out ➜

Jakey – Guard of the family bread

2021 National Toy Hall of Fame Finalists

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France bans unvaccinated American travelers

Time Magazine’s Most Influential People of 2021

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Why (and How) a Dead Man Committed a Murder

Of all the famous people you’ve met in your life, who were the kindest?

How Long It Actually Takes To Recover From a Single Sleepless Night

The day a daredevil suction-cupped his way to the top of the Arch

Wildfires explained: What makes them so hard to put out, and more questions answered

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Hypnotic Zooming

World’s Biggest Mouth

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Meanwhile, in the drive-thru

21 Funny Things to Ask Alexa

America’s tallest person passes away

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Man hooks a great white shark from the beach

You Can Now Try Windows 11 in Your Browser

Eating a hot dog takes 35 minutes off your life

8 great white sharks feed on humpback whale carcass

Foo Fighters Welcome 11-Year-Old Drummer Nandi Bushell

Fancy cinematography turns cities into stunning miniatures 

Countering the anti-EV argument after a natural disaster

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The Sunday Scaries

Infinite zooming

Lost At Sea

A devoted dog

Prank becomes Xmas tradition ➜

Speaking in whistles

Jurassic Park Updates

100-year-old weightlifter

Ghost Towns of North America

Steal $600M, give it back, get a job offer

What do Those Numbers on Tires Mean?

Redheaded donors turned away at sperm bank

NASA releases breathtaking panorama view of Mars

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s online trolling romance

Rest eternally next to Hugh Hefner and Marilyn Monroe

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Global Warming 101

What is the Taliban?

The Gigantic Harp Eagle ➜

The Great Internet Paywall Shift

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Animals Count and Use Numbers

What terrible product sells by the millions?

Photos From The Haiti Earthquake

4-wheeler Police chase ends in the mud

Sturgis bikers flock to boy’s lemonade stand

Ballgirl makes the tackle at Dodger Stadium

The 10 greatest live guitar solos of all time

Strong winds force a Hawaii waterfall to flow upward

Dear Diary: An online musical public meditative diary

Peek inside NASA’s starchitect-designed condo for Mars

Polar Bears Take Down Walruses by Hurling Rocks and Ice

Angry Bison Rips Woman’s Pants Off And Drags Her Across A Road

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Falcon attacks drone…

Cool Owl Photography

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The Mythical Zone of Silence

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Kids should be in charge of naming things

How Olympic divers make the tiniest splash

The Unsolved Mystery Behind The Lady Of The Dunes

The Parallel-Parking Job That Ignited the Internet

Stop Believing These Summer Maintenance Myths

LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Labs – shows you all satellites in orbit

Bubonic plague in chipmunks forces closure of top Lake Tahoe sites

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Identifying common spiders

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‘Penis Snakes’ From South America Have Been Discovered In Florida

TIME Magazine just named St. Louis one of the world’s greatest places