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A Flamboyance of Flamingos

Australia, the land of nope  ⇒  

Why is there a meat shortage?

Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage

Mississippi Governor pranked by grads

Timelapse of plants moving during the day

Should You Fold or Wad Your Toilet Paper?

How the Pandemic Will Change Healthcare​

Cyclone Amphan hits India and Bangladesh (pics)

Drunk mayor pretends to be dead to avoid arrest

Graduate Student Solves Decades-Old Conway Knot

Where states are reopening after America’s shutdown

Joe Exotic Condoms Exist And They Offer ‘Big Cat Protection’

17-year cicadas to emerge in 3 states this spring, summer

Coronavirus survivor shares shocking body transformation photos

Mount Everest is Visible From Kathmandu, Nepal for First Time in Living Memory

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Hibernol  (SNL ad parody)

Movie Marquees  ⇒  

Inflatable Electric Bike

A plethora of unusual animals

How to Protecting the President

Penguins visit the art museum

Top 16 dodgy coronavirus masks

Apple History Timeline (Infographic)

Retail Brands – Winners & Losers Ranked

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The Average Woman Is No Longer A Size 14

Tesla said to be readying new long-lasting, low-cost batteries

Everything You Wanted To Know About NBC’s Peacock Network


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Quarantine Olympics    Games

Stuck Dogs  ⇒  

Idiots in Yellowstone

Weird Wikipedia Articles

Less trash means cannibal rats

Every US streaming service, ranked

My Co-Anchor Is Pawing at the Door

Create Intimacy With Any Person You Meet

Praying mantis eats brain of a murder hornet

Guy Hit By Lightning Becomes a Concert Pianist

Largest product placement database on the internet!

A music quiz about how well you recognize historic hits

How to decide who receives medical care first during a crisis

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The Pantless Reporter

Ministry of Silly Walks  ⇒  

Ah, remembering the old days…

68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice

The best graduation gifts under $30

When Customer Service is faked…  (FB 

Why we’re drawing on our sidewalks again

Man builds life jacket to save his pet goldfish

An Oral History of the Day Everything Changed

8 Drinking Games You Can Play with Friends Virtually

11 Mistakes You’re Probably Making with Face Masks

How to Delete Your Old Online Accounts Using AccountKiller

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Surfing again in Oz  ⇒  

The Future of Cities

The Faces of Facebook

A BBQ Vending Machine

Why you can’t find frozen fries

Photos of the Las Vegas ‘Silent Strip’

Visualizing the History of Pandemics

Why Do Dogs Walk in Circles Before Lying Down?

Facebook is launching Zoom rival, “Messenger Rooms”

Play a game of living and how choices affect coronavirus

Paul Revere Explains The Battle of Lexington and Concord in His Own Words

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Off the wall art

World’s Largest Puzzle

Bottle Works of Art  ⇒  

Massive Workout Collection

36-year-old mystery in a bottle…

Will Travel Change After Coronavirus?

America’s Coolest Small Towns by State

Has NASA discovered another Earth? Perhaps

Don’t play hide and seek in a washing machine

425-Pound Tiger Found Living in a Harlem Apartment

Room Rater rates background of TV people working from home

College student went viral for setting her mom and professor up on a blind Zoom date

Bluesmobile spotted in Milton Keynes playing feel-good tunes to ease strain of lockdown

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Your entire life in statistics

Bansky Works from home  ⇒  

Socially distant driveway bingo

Creating the iconic Rolling Stones logo

This is the end of the office as we know it

The Top 10 Highest-Rated Reddit Posts of All Time

Melting Glacier Reveals Long-Lost Ancient Relics

When Coronavirus Is Expected to Peak in Every State

Pro wrestling declared an “essential business” in Florida

Bishop who preached “God is larger than this dreaded virus” dies of COVID-19

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Creative Face Masks

Beer Plea Answered  ⇒  

Bra Face Mask Fail

Weird Face Masks

The Daily Covid-19 Tracker

The 7 Day Covid-19 Crash

Coronavirus resource page

3-D Simulation On Social Distancing

Wildlife is reclaiming Yosemite National Park

Kings and Queens are Royals. But What’s a Jack?

Man accidentally ejects himself from a fighter jet

The Dot in Your Kitchen You’ve Probably Never Noticed

America’s urban rats are being hit hard by the coronavirus

Reliving the Complete Apollo 13 Mission 50 Years Later

When Did Shaking Hands Become a Standard Way of Greeting Someone?

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The Wiki Game

Massive Locust Swarm  ⇒  

Farmer Gets Sweet Revenge

Science: Try this at home, kids!

A brief history of toilet paper

The best wildlife webcams to watch

Wacky Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories\

How we return to normal after coronavirus

How to fold the world record paper airplane

32 Ways People Are Using Zoom Besides Work

NASA’s Juno spacecraft snaps stunning photos of Jupiter

A Man Filed an HR Complaint Against His Cat While Working From Home

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Howling Lessons

Fake See-Thru T-Shirts  ⇒  

Signs of the Coronavirus

Free, online board games

53 funny things to ask Alexa

The Funniest Amazon Reviews

How To Focus While Reading

Coronavirus Myths and Misconceptions

Queen Elizabeth Wears “Green Screen” Outfit

Coronavirus Money Saving Calculator

Ranking America’s friendliest cities

Sanitize vs. Disinfect: What’s the Difference?

One of earliest known uses of the “F-word” discovered