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Fall Foliage Prediction Map

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Some interesting industry secrets

Film & TV Green Screen Tricks

Every Minute on the Internet

A Dark Sense of Humor May Mean a High IQ

PHOTOS: How The World Is Reinventing Rituals

The International Space Station checking out the Arch

The Most Likely Way You’ll Get Infected With Covid-19

High on whippits, man launches car over Detroit drawbridge

Climate Clock in New York City counts down to global deadline

Governor calls for California ban on new gas-fueled cars by 2035


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Something’s bugs this guy

Six Feet Blunder

Flamingos eat weird  ⇒  

What does the Fed do?

Frank Sinatra’s Last Dollar

Best & Worst US Cities to Drive In

He took social distancing very seriously

How To Deliver A Beer With A Drone

Appliances That Are Cheaper to Replace Than Fix

Completely wrong but hilarious Family Feud answers

Stop Expecting Life to Go Back to Normal Next Year

Why Daylight Saving Time Should Be Permanent

‘Then And Now’ Pics That Show How Time Changes Things

A humpback whale is stranded in a crocodile-infested river

How did the pork steak become such a St. Louis thing?

When ‘Business As Usual’ Becomes A Patriotic Imperative

Dave Grohl Writes Theme Song for 10-Year-Old Drummer Nandi Bushell


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Meet the ‘Coffin confessor’

Apple’s Face Mask  ⇒  

Why is there a coin shortage?

Oh Snap: Vicious Comebacks

What A Trillion Dollars Looks Like

Photos from the Oregon Fires

Singapore Airlines ‘flights to nowhere’

A monkey on the street asking for money

Bear startles man napping by pool

Woman who sawed off own hand found guilty of fraud

Don’t know what to watch on Netflix? Try Netflix Roulette

St. Louis Zoo says 62-year-old python laid 7 eggs without male help


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Mouse gets high on cannabis

Best BBQ in every state

Dogs in Bread Masks  (FB) ⇒  

How to clean your grill

The Best Road Trip in Each State

How to Write (Almost) Anything

The ‘2 Beers and a Puppy’ Test

Companies that help people vanish

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

Fined $1200 for stealing sand from a beach

What not to do when it gets too hot on a plane

How to Escape From an Erupting Volcano

Newspaper headlines the day after 9/11

The strange, harrowing journey of Air Force One on 9/11


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Enjoy Neverthink.tv

Man builds squirrel bar ⇒  

Animal Eyes Up Close

Formerly known as Pizza Hut

Hasty exit delivers nasty return

2020 – Now there’s a monkey shortage

Bears go ‘shopping’ inside Lake Tahoe convenience store

Stray dog hired at Hyundai dealership

What did Earth (and your city) look like millions of years ago?

40 Rules Survivor Contestants Have to Follow

A Lot Of People Think “Onion” Headlines Are Real


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The Dissolving Bikini

Meet the Brokini  ⇒  

Beds and the science of healthy sleep

The Convenient Truth of Rotisserie Chicken

A Comprehensive List of Oxymorons

Watch A Tire Hit A Front Porch At 65 MPH

A blue whale’s heart weighs 2X my weight

The Vocal Ranges Of Famous Singers, Compared

Supermarket Covers Dead Worker With Umbrellas For 4 Hours So It Can Stay Open

Declared dead by paramedics, young woman found alive at Detroit funeral home


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Turkey Hunting 101

Unwritten Rules of Baseball ⇨  

Apple’s Fortnite ban, explained

Alternative Pop Culture Car History

Simple “life hacks” everyone should know

Movie Wardrobe Fails That Nobody Noticed

Photo collections from every state in the Union

The Most-Wishlisted Off-the-Grid Airbnbs in the U.S.

White House Rose Garden – Before and After Photos

Travel the world virtually with these high-quality interactive tours of cities

NASA says an asteroid is headed our way right before Election Day

Statistical “Which Character Are You Most Like” Personality Quiz

Drive & Listen – Matching dash cams and local radio around the world

750 million mosquitoes genetically engineered to decimate the mosquito population


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Repeating Numbers

Workout Buddy  ⇒  

Rules of card games

A house with its own built-in jail

The end of the Beatles – 50 years ago

What people used before toilet paper existed

Why Do Tennis Crowds Have to Be So Quiet?

Why You Should Think Twice About Showering

Shakespeare lived in a world of habitual pandemic

The Mysterious Disappearance of Terrence Woods Jr.

Every Presidential Candidate’s Running Mate Since WWII

Working from home? Miss the sounds of the office?

The physical traits that define men and women in literature

15 autopsy technicians share the strangest discoveries they’ve made


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DIY Playdough

Pandemic Pool

A plethora of maps  ⇒  

Why The Zebra Got Its Stripes

How to Spot and Avoid Fake News

COVID-19 & Pets: What You Need To Know

10 things you don’t know about ‘Candid Camera’

The 100 Greatest TV Characters of the 21st Century

40 Rules ‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestants Have to Follow

110 extraordinary ways to reuse ordinary household items

How parents should explain Santa delivering gifts in a pandemic


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Box Wars

Master Mower

A History of Fotomat  ⇒  

LA’s $1 billion ‘mountain

Advice for escaping bears  (FB)

Weird town names in every state

50 of the best TV shows on Netflix

Inside One Funeral Home’s COVID-19 Crisis

Animated Map: The History of U.S. Counties

More Beruit Blast Videos here and here

Inside the hidden world of competitive lockpicking

Places Women Can’t Take Their Husband’s Name When They Get Married

Hurricane Alpha? Amped up season forecast, names may run out