I’m off to Las Vegas

I’m off to Las Vegas for five days for a blogging conference. I have some things pre-posted for every day I’m gone but not as many posts as usual.  I’ll probably blog a little while I’m there but I don’t plan to be in my hotel room all the time.

I’m staying downtown at the Plaza which is where the conference is. I’ve never stayed downtown before and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve always stayed on the strip in all my previous trips.

BABBQ – 9 Years Ago Today

The first Bits & Pieces Big Ass BBQ was held 9 years ago, today, September 4, 2010.  Anthony N came to St. Louis from the farthest location, Idaho. Several came from Georgia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Ohio and Illinois. 

We did BABBQ II in St. Louis in 2011 with about the same number of attendees.  In 2012 a group gathered for B&P Goes to Fabulous Las Vegas but we can’t talk about that because as you know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

We’re planning a B&P Returns to Las Vegas in April of 2020.  We’d love to have you join us there! More info on that here.

B&P Returns to Las Vegas – March 2020

Mark your calendars! We’re in the early planning stages for a return gathering in Las Vegas Nevada. We’re thinking about March 2020 but haven’t decided specific dates yet.

I’ve created a Las Vegas 2020 page (link in the menu below the header image) where we can plan and discuss this gathering.

We’d love to have you come and meet with us and spend some fun time in Las Vegas.

Please go to the Las Vegas 2020 page and give us your thoughts.