Misspronounced words

Reddit asks the question: What are some words that you didn’t know you mispronounced and when you found out, you were really embarrassed about it?

Here are a few of the answers:

  • I pronounced paradigm “pair-a-didjem” for a while because it wasn’t a word I’d ever heard, only read.
  • Epitome –  Up until a year or so ago, it was always “epi-tome”. My friends made fun of me once I actually used the word in conversation.
  • My friend was talking about lip syncing. Her cousin said “excuse me, but I can’t stand ignorance. It’s called lip singing.”
  • I pronounced the name Nguyen as en-goo-yen because it looks f-ing impossible to pronounce. Turns out it’s just wen.
  • Up until a year or so ago, I use think people were saying “My bag” instead of “My bad.”
  • Awry is not pronounced aw-ree.
  • I used to say bowl as BOWEL. That was awkward for about 14 years.
  • Cache –  Am I the only one who has said it as “Cash-ay.”?

  • I’ve always pronounced subtle as sub-tle, until about 3 years ago when someone corrected me.

  • Psuedo –  Puh-sway-do

  • Trebuchet from Age of Empires….I always thought it was pronounced treebucket

  • hyperbole… i would pronounce hyper-bowl. and i would say “stat-chume” instead if statue

  • Genre. I said, “Ja-neer”.

  • I’m pretty sure everyone has messed up the pronunciation for this one, but i thought “Faux Pas” was pronounced “fox pass”

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True story
When I was a teenager my best friend and I went to an Italian restaurant where we almost always got pizza (they had the best).  Anyway, we were looking at the menu and I wanted to try something different.  I saw mostaccioli on the menu but didn’t recognize it in text.  I could talk my buddy Mick into just about anything, which came in handy many times while growing up, so I had him ask the waitress what this mustache-ee-oli was.  She snickered and told us it was “mustacholee”.  We laughed about that for a long time.  That was more than 40 years ago and we still laugh about it.

Shrimp scampi = Shrimp shrimp


 The derivation of the word “scampi” is somewhat unclear, but it is generally thought to be an Italian-American word for shrimp that, according to dictionary.com, now means “a large shrimp or prawn.”

So, are you ordering “shrimp shrimp” when you place an order for shrimp scampi?  Maybe, but at least it’s not blatantly contradictory like “jumbo shrimp.” Don’t get me started.


Who vs Whom – And 23 other things we say wrong

Using who and whom incorrectly…. I’m good at this… or am I bad at this?  Irregardless, I say it wrong most of the time. 

Here are a couple examples of things we might be saying wrong:

You might say: Who

You might mean: Whom

Why: It all depends. Do you need a subject or an object? A subject (who) is the actor of the sentence: “Who left the roller skates on the sidewalk?” An object (whom) is the acted-upon: “Whom are you calling?” Parents, hit the Mute button when Dora the Explorer shouts, “Who do we ask for help when we don’t know which way to go?”

You never mean: Outside of

You always mean: Outside

Why: These two prepositions weren’t meant for each other. Perfectly acceptable: “Wearing a cheese-head hat outside Wisconsin will likely earn you some stares and glares (unless you’re surrounded by Green Bay Packers fans, that is).”

The complete list


And yes, I know irregardless is generally considered not a word and certainly not in the context used above.