Teenager Training Courses

This was sent to me from Janet in Ireland, via DJ. Feel free to add suggestions for more modules in the comments.

After many years and experience in the working world, I’ve decided to start something new again. I will be offering training courses for teenagers starting in December.

Due to increasing demand, each course starts on the principle: first come, first served.

Content: Coaching and practical tasks. Each module will be run over 6 weeks. The course is aimed at all young people.

The course starts Dec 2023 Participation via Zoom or Teams is possible – please list your preference when booking.

Module 1: “Toilet paper” How does the paper get out of the wrapper to the toilet paper holder? What happens when toilet paper is empty? Group discussion + practical exercises

Module 2: “Dirty clothes” – what do we do next? Difference between the laundry basket and floor. PowerPoint Presentation + Chart.

Module 3: “Basics of dishwasher” How do dishes get off the table into the dishwasher? In-depth Seminar – Difficulties and solution strategies for removing dishes and garbage from the bedroom.

Module 4: “How do you find stuff without asking your parents?” Open discussion/opening cabinets.

Module 5: How do the clean dishes get back into the right place in the kitchen cabinet? Video example + practical exercises.

Module 6: “Sink function + the roll out” We do practical exercises; what a clean table means and what is needed to drain a sink. Practical exercises in groups.


Thanks Janet (and DJ)