The things we do for kids

This is a friend of the family, Mary.. she writes:

A 4-year old African Tortoise, about 10 lbs., (will grow to about 200 lbs) shortly after this pic was taken, I sat down crossed legged, held him close and let the children take turns petting his nose and front paws. They loved it but while this was going on, the tortoise shat and wee’d all over me. I din’t mind except that I smell very bad 🤣. Can’t wait to get these clothes off me.


Some of my favorite feet – my dad’s and my daughter’s. I like this photo’s angle.. but I always think of how it was setting this shot up. Dad laying on the bed all stretched out and fitting the little munchkin way down to the edge of the bed – it was weird but worth it! 🙂 Also – look at the date.. she’s gonna be 30 next year!!