Jonco’s Journal – Vol. 12

Every time we visited Grandpa and Grandma Chick-Chick, the family worked outside and then Grandpa always took a nap on the couch. Still in his denim bib-overalls.
The adults ALWAYS played Canasta after lunch – The red 3’s are worth 100 points each. Sometimes we’ll still play that. 🙂

I can’t even imagine going to the show and getting popcorn for a quarter. I remember tickets being about as low as $5. And maybe popcorn and a soda for another $5.

Jonco’s Journal – Vol. 11

Photos were Dad’s thing. I wrote in his obituary that he was a photographer – and he was. Not by trade – just by passion.

I specifically remember us all getting autographs of Jack and Joe Buck and a few other St. Louis dignitaries and Cardinal ball players.

This was his oldest best friend Mickey that he writes about HERE. I don’t think I had read that whole post until today. Mick was a cute, funny man – like a fun uncle. Good memories 🙂

Wrestling must have never stuck with or been a real interest to Dad – I don’t recall him EVER watching it!

Jonco’s Journal Vol. 10

It said list THREE things…. (what a goofball!!)

No comment from me. *yuk* lol

As an adult, Dad was VERY against smoking. He was not afraid to call out others on their nasty smoking habits also. I remember that he took and became certified in hypnotism to help his mom (my Grandma Chick Chick) stop smoking.

What are your guy’s opinions on smoking? Do ya? Don’t ya? I have opinions.. but I’ll let you all go first.

Jonco’s Journal – Vol. 9

Growing up, Dad would often take me to the ‘B. Dalton’ bookstore at Jamestown Mall, and to the local library. As an adult, he always had books around. I especially remember all the volumes of the ‘Uncle Johns Bathroom Readers” that he collected. He read historical type books or non-fiction mostly.

[Lots of news lately about the tearing down of Jamestown Mall.]

THIS – this is what I miss the most. I would go to him for advice – and he would encourage these attributes.

But he would always play ‘devils advocate’ if someone was stuck on an idea. EVEN IF HE AGREED with them – he would offer the opposite viewpoint for their consideration. He would’ve been a star in a debate club!! lol

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Jonco’s Journal Vol. 7

When we visited every month G’ma Chick-Chick would make a fried chicken dinner, while G’pa, Dad, Mom, Aunt Gail and Dave would do farm chores or ride the 3-wheelers. Dinner always included homemade foods and pies, her delicious canned green beans, and Kraft mac and cheese (especially for me!) Then the adults would play canasta, while G’pa napped on the couch in his jean overalls.

Jonco’s Journal – Vol. 5

Dad was not religious. I think if he would’ve taken a label, it would be Agnostic – although I’m no expert to say for sure.

This, below, is my personal favorite from the whole book. In some ways, Dad served as my personal therapist. I went to him when I encountered many difficult situations. He taught me that ‘you cannot change other people – you can only change how you react to them’ – which has been a HUGE lesson in my life. If I miss anything about him – it’s this – not being able to consult him. Luckily, I had him for many many, years. Now I have ‘WWJD’ What Would Jonco Do? 🙂 🙂