Mitch Hunter – Face Transplant Recipient

I follow this guy on socials, and have for a while. He’s got a good sense of humor – despite being through some really shitty challenges, medically and personally. Mitch is trying once again to re-invent his life by putting himself out there. You can follow him on all the socials – specifically TikTok – where he’s been most active lately. -krisgo

Mitch Hunter underwent life-changing full-face transplant surgery — only the second person in the US to receive it — 10 years later, which transformed his physical appearance.

Mean meat eaters

We use to have one of these plants.. and when a bug crawled in (or, lets be honest here – held close enough with a pair of tweezers) the trap would close around it’s meal and then that trap would turn black, gradually droop down and die. So unless you’re getting baby traps growing to replace the full size traps that are eating, the whole plant dies – which is what happened to ours. 🙁

Thanks Quinn