Happy Father’s Day 2023

Hope all you Dads and Grandfathers, and any other people who play a fatherly role in a kid’s life is having a fantastic day today.

I’m missing my dad today. It’s gotten easier, which makes me feel a little ashamed to admit. But as they say, time heals all wounds. I still think of him often and it’s usually all the good stuff.

There is one thing, I realized that I’m thankful for (please don’t come at me – I’m being totally transparent and honest here).. is that I don’t have to try to buy a gift for him. He was SOOOO hard to shop for! He always bought everything he needed. He always bought the new gadgets, and toys, and games, and fun things before any of us knew those things existed!

Which makes me also realize that what he truly wanted from anyone was time spent together. Spending time with dad was always a positive in my life – gives me a happy heart to think of it.

I hope all of you out there are getting what you truly want or need today (and every day). If you’re not – do whatever it’s going to take, to get to that place.

Have a happy heart! – krisgo

Jonco and Gus