Got games?

Cleaning out Krisgo’s Game and Puzzle Closet

When the family gets together, we play games, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I wouldn’t say I’m all that competitive. I mostly love it to be challenged and the laughs.

I’m pretty good at most games, and even better paired up with certain people. If dad and I were on a team together- you had better watch out. Now my first-born, knows to sit a chair away from me, so that if teams are picked ‘every other person’, we’ll be together – haha!

My favorite group game is Taboo. Very similar to Taboo is ‘Poetry for Neanderthals’ where each clue can only be one syllable, and if you mess up you get bonked on the head with a blow-up club.

Some other good ones are Rack-o, Boggle, Mastermind, Tri-ominoes, Rummikub, Huggermugger, Phase 10, and Telestrations is super fun too.

What games are you favorites? For 2 players – or a group?