B&P – Little Ass Breakfast

B&P’er DJ says:

Had breakfast this morning with B&Per Anthony Nichols, known on B&P as ALN. 
He’s from Idaho, visiting Dearborn MI with his fam, and drove down to NE Ohio to meet up with me. We haven’t seen each other since the BABBQ in STL 13 yrs ago. 
Had a nice meal, then drove up to Huntington Reservation of Cleveland Metroparks on Lake Erie. Mucho haze drifting over the Great Lakes this morning from the Canadian wildfires.
Anthony then was able to spend the day dawdling his way back to the Detroit area along the lakeshore.
Another example of the neighborhood feeling that Jonco enabled with Bits & Pieces to still continue. A nice legacy.

Thanks for sharing this, DJ – love to see it!!!