The Four Horseman Burger

The Four Horsemen Burger takes it’s name from the four different types of ‘heat’ which it brings to the table in order to have violent congress with the inside of your mouth. First there are the jalapeño peppers to deal with, quickly followed by the serrano peppers, and then there is the Chunky’s special habanero sauce – which has been likened to sweat “wrung from Satan’s headband”, which I’m guessing means it is hot. However these three ‘horsemen’ are merely the pawns in The Four Horsemen Burger’s devious game, sent into action to make way for the big daddy of them all…the Naga pepper! Rearing it’s head once again, the Naga aka Ghost Chili boosts the burger’s Scoville rating up to higher than a million! A million! In real terms this means pain today, pain tomorrow.

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