End of an Era

We are very saddened to report that our dad, Jonco, has passed away tonight. Mom came home yesterday from work and found him unresponsive and with a head injury. He had a major brain bleed from a bad fall. He was ambulanced to a local hospital where they had to put him on life support. Mom and us kids were able to be with him. He ended up in hospice for an hour or two and died peacefully this evening with us all around him.

Thanks for being a friend to dad in whatever capacity you were. If you are reading this we know you are a friend and hope that you take comfort in knowing that he appreciated all of your support over the many, many years of running these blogs. We know for a fact that he considered you all part of his extended family.

As you may know, he did some pre-posting, by setting up posts in advance – so you are sure to see some future posts, that he had planned – we decided to leave them as he had planned them.

We would love it if you comment with a favorite memory of him, whether it’s a personal memory.. or of how these blogs have positively affected you.

Love to all – take a moment and hug each other, and crack open a beer and make a toast to our dad – Jonco.

Dave and Kris

and Pat

Happy 100th Birthday, Mom!

Today my mom would have turned 100 years old. She died at the age of 74, just two years older than I am now.

They lived on a farm a couple of hours south of St. Louis after my dad retired in the early 70s until he died in 1990. She sold the farm and moved to Farmington MO where she lived for five more years.

Some of her hobbies were quilting, sewing, watching TV, and cooking.

She loved reading her horoscope and fortune-telling magazines. I chuckle when I remember that I had to contact the magazines that kept trying to get her to renew her subscriptions months after she died. I had to tell them that she had passed. I kind of thought they should have known that news.