Distant Storms

We had some awesome clouds over the St. Louis area on Saturday.  Rain storms rolled through off and on all day.  I piloted the drone up for a view of the approaching rain.

We were hit with a fairly steady downpour about a half hour after this flight.  You can see how good the video stabilization is when you notice the prop guards, hence the drone,  moving around quite a bit in the breeze and yet it still has a pretty steady picture.


Zero to 300 ft.

Here’s another video I shot with the Phantom2 Vision+ drone.  I tried to pay more attention to altitude and do fewer fast turns.  I got up to 300 feet.  As I was descending, the battery was getting low so the aircraft did an automatic “Return To Home” function where it uses GPS to come in and land where it took off from.  First time for that.