Columbia Bottom Conservation Area

It was a beautiful day here in the St. Louis area.  We went to the Columbia Bottom Conservation Area where the Missouri River end and flows into the Mississippi River.  It’s in far North St. Louis County. They have some pretty popular sunflower fields there.  I shot a couple of videos with the drone while there.  Watch in full screen for better quality.

Storm at Dusk

We had some storms that rolled through the St. Louis area last night. They did quite a bit of damage in the outlying areas with trees uprooted, some roofs damaged and power lines down in various areas.  The sky was a weird shade of yellow/orange and between rains, I got the drone out and flew it for a short while from my backyard.  The video didn’t come out as cool as it actually looked but it was still interesting with the lightning in the distance.


A Storm Brewing

I was cutting my grass this afternoon and the sky was getting darker by the minute.  I was hoping I’d get the grass done before the rain started.  Once I saw that I was going to be able to finish the mowing I started thinking about how cool the sky would look from the drone, so I got it out and took a quick flight.  If you look carefully you can see lightning in the distance.  I had to bring it down a couple minutes earlier than I wanted to as I was getting high wind warnings.