Cleverly painted rock

I’ve been following a rock painting group on fb.. and this is my favorite so far. The idea is to paint a rock and leave it in a public place for another to find. A random treasure.

Some parks or other places, especially where kids would go, have a starter rock that is a snake or caterpillar head, and people add on their panted rocks to make the body – a challenge to see how long it will grow to.

As much as I like the snarky humor you’ve seen me post, this is my other side – enjoying cute little things that make me happy.


Have you ever found a regular rock that you’ve kept for no other reason than that you liked it? (1 point)

Have you ever found a rock that you thought someone else would like and gifted it to them? (5 points)

Have you ever found a small painted rock? (10 points)

Have you ever painted a small rock and left it as treasure to be found? (20 points)

Do you like rock and roll? (5 points)

Do you think it’s weird to like rocks? (-10 points)

Post your total in the comments!


Kids at Play

Thanks, Melanie (FB)