Caption Contest update

Egg3It wasn’t easy, but we whittled down the entries for the Caption Contest to eight entries.  Almost all entries were worthy, but we managed to narrow it down to eight.

You get to decide who wins the contest. 

Update:  We have a winner!  (See below)

Winner will be announced sometime Sunday.  The winner will receive up to $50 in merchandise from

Here are the nominees (in no particular order):

The new Green Toyota Prius is 100% biodegradable and comes with optional sunroof

And slowly, the smiling young breaks thru the egg to freedom.

You gotta see the frying pan.

Another attempt at solving the age old question; Which came first, Godzilla or the egg?

These new Porta-Pottys are hard to use…

Uh-oh, looks like he’s in the dog house egg house again.

Before being shoved off the wall by the cartel, Humpty Dumpty ran a crack house.

“BUSTED!” Exclaimed Grant as he emerged from the Mythbusters high tech photovoltaic rolling stone. “It gathers moss!”

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Update:  We have a winner!

FlavaDave won with his caption of:  The new Green Toyota Prius is 100% biodegradable and comes with optional sunroof.



B&P Poem finalists – Vote Now!

I can’t decide the best poem about B&P, so we’ll do it American Idol style.  I’ve selected four of my favorites and we’ll let the B&P neighbors (you) decide who the winner is.  The one receiving the most votes will be the winner. Vote by noon Wednesday (CST) for your vote to count.  (Ballot at the bottom of this post.) 
 Note:  DJ request that his poem not be used in the judging as he already had enough B&P crap. (He said it nicer than that)


There’ a place I go every day, you see
Jonco’s place, that’s B&P
It’s a nice little spot to visit on the net
where there’s some of the nicer folks that I’ve met

There’s interesting stories, jokes and memes
animal photos, and talk of sports teams
He’s got contests for readers, every now and then
And he always plays fair to both women and men

He doesn’t really lean to the left or the right
He just stands back and let’s us fight
But it’s never about hatred on the old B&P
It’s all about fun and cool things to see

So we all salute Jonco, our man at the top
May B&P go on, and never, ever stop!

To pick this one vote M C W



OMG, You’ll LOL
Or, Maybe learn
So,what the hell
It’s better than
A bathroom reader
Videos make it
So much sweeter
Contests and blogs
Photos to caption
Whatzits and Whosits
And funny reactions
A smile, a laugh
A way to de-stress
Bits and Pieces
Is the best

To pick this one vote Jen



When first I rise…
Before to bed I go
I come to B&P & visit Jonco.

I’ve laughed and I’ve cried
Sometimes cursed, even sighed.

I’ll tell you right now, yeah I admit it
If this site were a woman
I think I would hit it.

The truth of the inchworm
was explained to me
nor inch nor worm it turned out to be
I blinked twice, and cried “No feces?”
Oh the things I’ve learned on Bits & Pieces.

Sites may come and sites may go
But I’ll always come to visit
Gus, Trixie and…The 76 year old guy that runs this place.

To pick this one vote Gary



The Internet is very large
And full of lots of things.
I don’t have time to search it all
And find that one cat that sings.

But thankfully there is someone
Who took that time instead.
Now I can see all I want
From the comfort of my bed.

If I had to give props to a single person,
I’d give them to Jonco.
Because he works so hard and long,
B&P is the place to go.

I thank you, Jonco, for giving me
The time to do what I please,
Though your website is the cause
Of all my C’s and D’s.

To pick this one vote Evan

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B&P poem contest

I think that I shall never see

A clever poem about Bits and P

A poem that makes me smile with glee

Just might earn you a B&P tee.


Got a little verse in you?  Post it in a comment. and you might win a Bits & Pieces T-Shirt.

Deadline is Monday at 9 pm (CST).  I’ll announce a winner Tuesday morning.