It’s Official! – Buster is part of the family

We made the adoption official today.  Buster is now a family dog and no longer a shelter dog.

Bed Buddies – Gus and Buster

Looong Dog

He’s supposed to be three and a half years old, but he seems younger than that to us.  He’s still in a chewing stage. I’ll have my vet estimate his age when we go in the next couple of weeks.

Buster made it to the adoption event today without a problem.  When I took him home two weeks ago he threw up in my car. He’s very calm in the car, unlike Trixie. She was constantly moving about the car and looking out the windows.  I don’t know if he’s really that calm or just trying not to get sick.  He’s so hyper around the house and yard.

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Bed Buddies

Buster is really a hyper dog and Gus usually tries to avoid him and will growl at him if he gets too close when he’s jumping around being silly. He tries to get Gus to play.

They have beds in my office behind my chair.  I turned around and saw them laying like this yesterday. I snapped a couple of photos.  I’m sure Gus was there first and Buster slowly moved in to lie down. They lay there for about a half hour before Gus got up and moved on.  I saw them in the same place earlier today too.

We are having some issues with Buster getting into things when we’re not home and sometimes when we are.  Gotta get that figured out soon.


Our New Foster Child

My granddaughter sent me a link to a place that was holding a pet adoption event today. I went to see what dogs were available for adoption and ended up bringing one home as a foster dog.  Sort of a trial adoption to see if we are a good match for each other.  We have 2 or 3 weeks to decide if we want to complete the adoption. 

He’s a Dachshund mix and is very friendly and definitely a lap dog who loves attention. He and Gus got along really well, sniffing butts and apparently approving of each other. He weighs 19 pounds and the vet thinks he’s about three and a half years old.  He’s partially housetrained and already knows how to use the doggy door.


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He was called Buck at the shelter but he doesn’t know that name, so we get the fun of picking his forever name if he becomes a member of our family. I kind of like Doc (for Dachshund) or Jack, or Eddie.  Any suggestions?