One year later – Missing Jonco

It’s been 365 days since Dad passed away. It’s hard, of course, as expected… but we’re doing ok. We’ve adapted to a new normal. I’m most grateful that Mom has so many good friends that love and support her.

There are a few memorials that were put in to place this year. For example;

Mom ordered a bench for the club Dad belonged to; it says “In Memory of Jonco – A friend and a beer are always near”.

A monetary donation was also made, for a few repairs that Dad had wanted to make at the club; they were carried out by son Dave, grandson Vince, and friend Kurt.

Kurt and Vince taking a break

A ‘Thanks for the Memories’ video was made for Dad and his good friend Dave (who is retiring from emceeing) for all the Christmas Show hosting they did over the years. Here are some stills from the video..

A paver stone at Give Kids the World has been placed on “the Avenue of Angels” in Orlando FL. This was arranged by Dad’s brother, Paul.

Mom has arranged the tickets to take all the grandkids to Las Vegas (Dad’s favorite) in a few months, using all the miles that Dad had built up.

This framed pic of Jonco and Trixie, from B&P’er DJ, was hung right above the doggy door. (Yep, that’s Buster below!)

Jonco’s friend, Derek, (who named one of his cats Jonco) wrote a song about missing him.

Jonco the cat

Repass (for Jon)

We sit here
finding things to laugh about.
Friends and family–
all the people we can’t live without.

Scratching off the numbers
and missing you.
Telling all the stories
and missing you.

The world outside is quiet.
No one to ruin our day.
“Treat everyone as you would want to be…”
That’s such a “you” thing to say.

Measuring reactions
and missing you.
Random acts of kindness
and missing you.

Tell the person behind me
that this one’s on me.
I know I’m not always wrong or right.
I just see things how I see.

And all I can see right now
is that I’m missing you.
I’ve got all these Bits & Pieces,
but I’m missing you.

I’m missing you.

Here’s a LINK to the SONG

Memorial Posters were hung at the annual Mud Volleyball Tournament that Dad helped organize each year.

And of course, I also have to say, thank you for all the nice messages we’ve received from the B&P community. It truly means the world <3

Love to all,

krisgo and fam

Checking in on Buster

Buster has been doing ok since his papa passed. He get’s to hear Dad’s voice twice a day still. When the automatic dog feeder activates in the morning and afternoon, Dad’s voice says “C’mon Buster, Time to Eat – C’mon Buster, Time to Eat”.

Buster knows that when he hears the clock chime that he needs to run to his bowl and wait for the magic words.

Waiting for the clock chime.. so he knows when to run in and listen for his cue.

Gettin’ ready for a snooze

Watching for that pesky squirrel to show his dang face again.

Buster Update

Lap Dog

I brought Buster home seven weeks ago, today. He really has made himself home and seems to be happy here. He’s very loving and likes attention. He’s not crazy about being left home alone. He has three idiosyncrasies that I’d like to address, the first of which may have addressed itself since it hasn’t happened except for the first week or two.

1.) He had peed on our bed a couple of times. Once on my pillow. We have a waterproof mattress pad so there was no damage except my pillow was not washable so it had to be thrown away. But like I said, he hasn’t done that in quite a while so that may have taken care of itself (hopefully).

2.) He gets carsick easily. He starts drooling and before long he throws up whatever is in his tummy. We were cleaning the car and he jumped in like he was wanting to go for a ride. He started drooling and the car wasn’t even running.

Chair Dog

3.) He doesn’t like fireworks. The New Chair dogYear’s Eve fireworks only lasted about 45 minutes and he was lying next to me and shaking. I can only imagine what the 4th of July will be like when the fireworks go on nightly for more than a week culminating in a blast fest on the 4th.

We do limit the areas he can be in when we’re gone but he has plenty of room to wander and be comfortable. He loves to run around in the yard and bark at distant dogs in the neighborhood. He figured out the electronic doggie door within minutes of getting here seven weeks ago so he goes in and out whenever he wants to. All in all he’s doing really good and is a pleasure to have around the house.