Deborah bruised in California

Deborah bruiseB&Per Deborah writes:

We went out to Gorman (CA) to ride on quads and dirt bikes. We were riding in a rhino and it got stuck in gear so our buddy who was driving hopped out to get it un stuck. It worked but since it was in neutral it started moving, he tried hopping in but it was too late. We hit a hill and flipped. Thank goodness it hit the hill because there was a cliff ahead.  Luckily, that is all I got. Hard to tell but it is super swollen…

We were both in California at the same time but our paths didn’t cross.  That’s because I stayed on paved roads while there.  We used to ride 3–wheelers a long time ago… before 4–wheelers had been invented.

When I first saw this picture I thought this was her lower back and it looked like she had no butt, but it’s her leg that’s bruised.

We wish you a speedy recovery Deb.

Would Infdiel Shake It?

A few days ago we posed this mysterious question …  WISI

A little history: Mike Firesmith ran across this salt and pepper shaker set and sent it to Infidel with a cryptic WISI? message.  

WISI shakers

Infidel promised to send in an image of it when it arrived.  Infi secured his “personal Hooter girl Ashley” to pose with the shaker set.  (She’s a LOT better looking than Infi anyway.)

WISI girl

So WISI means Would Infidel Shake It?