Vacay Away

Talented artist and long time B&P reader and contributor Mark W, aka MCW, has a website with some of his paintings.  Most of the painting are for sale and are really good. Here’s an example:  Click to enlarge.

Vacay Away

Check out his collection: Paintings By MCW


Georgia on my mind

A group of Georgians met up with DJ on Tuesday evening just outside of Atlanta, as he was on his return trip from visiting his mom in Florida. 

Georgia Group

From left to right: DJ, Richard, Ariane, Gary and the infamous Infidel.  A nice looking group of good folks, but I gotta say the one at the back left is by far the best looking of the bunch.  Click image to enlarge.

I think it’s pretty cool that people like this all got together and became friends all because of a little website called Bits and Pieces.  It makes my little heart proud to know that people from all over the world of different nationalities, races and faiths have come to know one another, support one another, laugh and cry with one another and become good friends, perhaps life-long friends through our little neighborhood.


Lucas Firesmith goes under the knife

LokiI’m sure B&P readers are familiar with Mike Firesmith and know of his love for animals, especially the ones he has.  His dog Lucas has a bad tumor or his face that will kill him in just a few months if nothing is done.  Lucas will undergo surgery on Tuesday at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital in Gainesville in a bid to try to save his life. 

You can read about Mike’s decision to opt for the surgery here.   You can also make a donation on that page to help defray what are sure to be substantial medical bills.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mike and Lucas during this trying time.


Matt Williams – Mean Girl

Our B&P neighbor Maffu (aka Matt Williams) from across the pond has won a songwriting competition with the following entry.

Matt describes this as an original song, written on the fly, that evolved into something completely different to my original intention.



Downtown Danno

Downtown danno

I received an email last night.  Dan A. writes.

Hey jonco,

Im in your city for teh first time ever! Went to the cards game tonight, drank beer waist they won. Flying home late tomorrow. Hope ur well!


Well, Danno, I’m not sure exactly what you said but it sounds like you had a good time.  Hope you got to go to the arch and/or something else in the area before you enjoyed the $9 beers at the ballpark. 

And thanks for bringing home another winner to the Cardinals, the team with the best record in baseball (for the moment).




That1chick dogB&P neighbor That1chick has a new member of the family.  She rescued this beautiful girl on Monday from the Fort Hood Animal Control in Texas near where she lives and works.  She hasn’t decided on a name yet but they’re getting along just fine. 

I think shelter dogs have a way of knowing that you saved their lives and that creates a special bond between you.

Best of luck with her.