My friend, Will, posted this on Facebook. I’d like to know, do any of you have a similar activity that you enjoy (when the weather permits, of course)?

When my brother and I were little, the closest thing to this – would’ve been just hanging out and playing in a very shallow creek. The folks would sit in lawn chairs in the water, drink, and visit – while the kids would play in the water, throw rocks, search for water creatures and such.

It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I went on what we call a “Float Trip” like in the pic. You literally plan a float trip either with or without camping the night before or after. And you plan to spend all day on the water. Anyone else??

Thanks Will

A generous gift from Jonco

In between the time that Dad was hurt and died, we made the decision to donate whatever organs could be salvaged. This was an easy decision, as Dad had previously said that he’d donate whatever he could, because he wouldn’t be needing them. (ha ha!)

Due to some circumstances as his age and such, they weren’t able to use Dad’s larger organs; but planned to take tissue and eyes.

Well, Mom recently got a nice letter from the transplant company. Here is a snip of the good stuff:

We encourage all of you who would also chose to donate your organs and/or tissue to make that fact known to your family.

Just say ‘Hey – this may be awkward, but my friend Jonco’s organs helped out multiple people after he died.. and I’d like to do that too – so if anything were to happen to me, I want you to know that now.’

If you live in the US, You can sign up to be an organ donor HERE.