We learned a new game recently – it’s kind of a faced paced solitaire-type game where more than one person can play. When you go out you yell “Nerts!” – and if you are Kris’ Mother-in-Law you yell ‘Neuter!’ because you can’t remember the word Nerts. lol

But it was fun and a good way to keep your brain busy – try it!

Here’s how to play Nerts

What card games are you all playing lately?


2 thoughts on “Nerts!”

  1. Have not played card games recently, but I do like to play Euchre.

    I learned it in college and my girlfriend was my partner. In the beginning, I would keep trumping her–maybe that is why we did not stay together.

  2. Glad to hear other people are playing this! We just call it “nert”. It’s a fun game when you get the family together for thanksgiving or something.


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