AI or not AI

Hi folks, real talk… this blog is run by a couple of people from two different generations. We have a handful of people who submit pics, memes and articles to post as well, also from different generations.

So you’re going to get a mix of things that multiple people find interesting or funny.

What I want to talk about here is AI – Artificial Intelligence artwork and how rampant it’s become on social media, ESPECIALLY Facebook (where the older generations are visiting the most).

I think A LOT of older folks are being duped by people claiming AI art to be real. Take this pic for instance – I’ve seen pics similar to this where someone claims ‘look at my Grandma’s project’ – and there will be hundreds of comments ‘beautiful’ ‘so talented’ ‘lovely’ etc. etc.

Bits & Pieces has had recent comments claiming that a couple of pics that were posted are AI. And I agree they were AI generated. So I’m not mad at all.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell, and sometimes it slips past B&P’s extensive Quality Control Team’s efforts and gets posted.

Thanks for keeping us honest 🙂 -krisgo

Tips to spot AI

3 thoughts on “AI or not AI”

  1. I don’t care if it’s real life, AI, or E I E I O. If it makes us laugh or makes one of our eyebrows go up & down, then this is the right place!

  2. Someone claiming and AI generated picture is proof of a real happening should be taken with a grain of salt, crosschecked, questioned. I don’t expect B&P to do an extensive investigation of every post, if I have doubts I can do it myself.

    But exactly what DJ said, if it’s a joke what difference does it make if it’s a cartoon, staged picture or AI generated, as long as it’s funny.

    The AI police can be as annoying as the grammar police… and less accurate.

    Sorry for the rant, I’ll see myself out. ;o)

  3. That is one big cat.

    For the most part, who cares what is posted on this site is from something real or AI? If its entertaining, its good.


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