Witches Tower in Dayton

Found an interesting, if not macabre story on fb. Andrew writes: a couple posing in front the lookout tower in Hills and Dales Park. The tower seen with the original roof and steps was completed in 1941 by boys of the National Youth Administration using salvaged stone from demolished buildings in Dayton. The tower was intended to be a vantage point overlooking the Community County Club. In 1967 Peggy Harmeson, a 16-year-old Bellbrook girl, died inside the tower when it was struck by lightning. Hamerson and her friend Ronnie Stevens were taking shelter inside from a thunderstorm that was passing through. Harmeson was found lying at the base of the steps badly burned on her face and right side. Stevens also received burns, but survived. Harmeson is buried at Calvary Cemetery. The tower is no longer open to the public today, but has garnered much folklore over the years with names like “Frankenstein Castle”, “Patterson’s Castle” and “Witches Tower”. via

Here’s what it looks like today.

Thanks Mike H

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  1. Holy crap, I grew up near there and hung out near that tower often since we could just walk to it. Others supposedly climbed the outside to get in, but I wasn’t inclined to bother trying. Had never heard that story before.


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