Jonco’s Journal – Vol. 14

Dad was very interested in death itself. I remember he had a book about what (medically) happens to your body as you die. I know he would’ve been really interested in seeing what we saw watching him pass.

Having said that – I’m sorry to you readers – for bringing anyone down. But death is what it is. It’s a part of life. The last part, but still a part.

2 thoughts on “Jonco’s Journal – Vol. 14”

  1. Yep, death is a part of life. And some deaths are much more painful than others.

    One does have to get used to it, as well as going to funerals.

  2. We miss him, but we’re all still here doing what he wanted us to do.
    So if he’s looking down… or up or sideways… he must be pleased with that.


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