Friday Firesmith – Missing Person

I’m in Mal-Wart and not liking it but buying in bulk is the only way to survive these days. I get out, go to my truck, and there’s a guy about to put a flyer under my windshield.

“Get away from my truck,” I tell him and he backs up. 

Selling something? Nope. Religion? Nope. 

He’s got a story. 

Last week, he was at a Mal-Wart in Tifton Georgia. He and his girlfriend have been living together for about six months, and they were bickering when they got to the store. She wanted to go to the beach. He wanted to wait until after Memorial Day. So their backstory is she lost her job, was going to get evicted, and she moved in with him. I get the distinct feeling this guy has some control issues, and he’s blaming everything on her. While they were shopping at Mal-Wart, she gets a small backpack, some canned goods, a water bottle, and a few other things. She hits the self check out and walks out. He buys the stuff they came for, and suddenly she’s walking away from him. 

She is leaving. 

He puts the stuff in the truck, finds her in the parking lot, and tries to get her into the truck. She’s having none of it. She’s going to Florida. Alone. On foot. With what she has on her. 

She takes her cell phone and sails it into the air, watches it hit, and then walks away from him. He tries to stop her and the screaming begins. The cops arrive. Oddly, he doesn’t have the right to put her in the truck. The cops tell him to leave. 

Now, he’s telling me this story and he’s angry. It’s been four days. No one she knows, that he knows, has heard from her at all. Her parents are freaked out, she’s twenty-five and they’re in their late forties. Her sister has accused him of murder and came and got all her stuff. Everyone is looking for this woman, who just walked off. 

“You’re telling me a twenty-five year old woman simply walked away from you, and everything she owns, without taking anything other than what she had on her and is going to Florida?” 


We talk some more. I’m sympathetic and agreeable. Slowly, the name calling begins, and he starts telling me she only left so she could be with more men. That’s the real reason she left. She just wanted to go down to Florida and screw anybody anytime. The anger boils, and it does not go away. 

I suspect the phone she tossed wasn’t hers. I suspect when the cops told him to leave, someone was on the way to pick her up. I think she faked her disappearance to buy herself some time. Her sister has her stuff. He’s looking for her south of where she was last seen.

That woman is on the run, but she’s on the run from that man. 

Take Care,


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6 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – Missing Person”

  1. This dumb cluck doesn’t know how lucky he is she walked away after only stealing the best 6 months of his life./s
    Sounds like things weren’t going to get any better, and she didn’t maim, murder, or rob him blind.
    If they were married it would be a hell of a lot more complicated, but even if they were he can’t force her to get in the truck. Matter of fact the cops may have given her the truck and told him to walk.
    You may be right about the phone, probably was hers and he said hers, but he’s been paying for it for a few months so he considers it his… same as her.

    But the most important thing is what was the flyer he was putting on your windshield?

  2. Sounds like she had enough of his control issues and left to save herself. When you get to that point you do what you must to save yourself. If that means disappearing, that’s what you do. She may be scared of being found. He sounds a bit obsessive if he’s talking about her only leaving so she can be with other men whenever she wants to be. I’ll bet other women who have dated him have had the same types of experiences, these guys are habitual abusers, emotionally and physically. That would explain the throwing of the phone, no one can track you on a phone that rests at the bottom of a river.
    I hope she makes it where she’s going. Freedom tastes great. Believe me.

  3. Seems to me if she was still in the are and wanted to be found it would be easy for her.
    Him handing out fliers if she went South is pointless, and as I pointed out if she’s local she could contact him.
    So the bottom line is he’s HUNTING FOR HER, like you’d hunt for a cow or dog that disappeared,… or… he’s HUNTING HER.

  4. Bruce, if I had someone do that, I’d simply let the cops and her family take over at that point. Clearly, the relationship has reached a point she’s more than willing to do something dramatic to get out of it, so it’s time to stay away from her completely. There’s something to be said for never giving up on love, but this doesn’t feel like love to me.


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